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Alter scouring many real estate circulars and checking out potential leads, she found the spot: just over an acre of land on Kimball Lake in central Minnesota. “1 fell in love writh the spectacular south-facing view because ol the high elevation and the nice shoreline for swimming, says Gayle.

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The biggest challenge was getting everything to fit into a small footprint. Three levels helped the owner get the spaces she wanted.

This sign reflects the owner’s personal philosophy.

Ar the rime, she worked in downtown Minneapolis and lived in a one-bedroom condo in the suburbs. Gayle often visited her land, nearly three hours from home, where she could indulge her gardening passion. “My parents have a lake home on North Long Lake [about twenty-five miles south], so 1 would often stay with them and just come up for the day.

Scrimping and saving over the years, she was able to build the beautiful 1,656-square-foot, two-bedroom retreat she now’ occupies as a retiree. “For the most part, 1 live at the lake, even though 1 still have my condo in New Hope and use it often, especially in the winter.” The Twin Cities area is where her parents, most of her extended family, and many of her friends live. “It’s easier for me to visit them than for them to come to the cabin in the w’inter,” Gayle says.

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