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COLOUR LINES 1 Bookbinder Philip Smith’s ‘variable book-stack’ of 500 paperbacks. For him each book spine is akin to a brush stroke; he frequently rearranges them into different patterns or images. 2 Books can make a room, not just furnish it. Interior architect Nico Rensch’s arrangement exploits the abstract, sculptural qualities of books of varying size and colour. 3 Asymbolic library of all-white bindings rubs up against the colourful jackets of designer Laurie Mallet’s real collection. Many of the white books are real though unbound: they have been treated with resin to consolidate them, then painted. 4 The world in a bookcase: hundreds of issues of National Geographic magazine, dating back to 1919, pack a punch. 5 Books unify and bring colour to this sunny, open home office designed by John Stefanidis BOUND BY TRADITION 1 In the library of his house in Oxfordshire, the interior designerthe late David Hicks grouped red-leather-bound books and ordinary books with red dust jackets for a warm winter hideaway. 2 Leather bindings and matching leather wall hangings combine in this display at Guinevere Antiques to sound a strong oxblood note. 3 The quintessential country-house-library look: in this case some of the most attractive books are displayed flat to show off the bindings. 4 The cutting edge of book display: George Ill’s collection in the new British Library is housed in this six-storey glass tower designed by Colin St John Wilson. It holds 65,000 books. 5 A custom-made, monogrammed Louis Vuitton travelling case is the rare setting for a complete eleventh edition Encyclopaedia Britannica (1910-11), at Simon Finch Rare Books 1 Metamorphoses bound by Glenn Bartley. 2 This acrylic open book stand (0BR1) is unobtrusive and practical. From £48, at Dauphin Display Oxford. For information, call 01865-343542.3 Binding by Romilly Saumarez Smith (tel: 0171-987 4943). 4 New pocket editions of classic works in pretty pastel dust jackets, from £6.99 to £9.99, from Oxford World Classics. For stockists, call 01865-556767.5 Binding by Mark Cockram. 6 Metamorphosesbound by Anton Henley.

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