Modern Decorating Ideas

Modern Decorating Ideas


WALLS NEED TO be Well prepared before blocking – they should be as flat and smooth as possible to take a clear image. The block can be made out of a piece of blockboard with a handle screwed on the back (any simple cupboard knob will do). Make the relief pattern on the block with string (as here) or stick on shapes cut from polystyrene or thick card. For walls with a rough surface try using a block cut from a square sponge.

IDraw your pattern on a piece of blockboard.

Two diagonal lines marked on first will give a centre point for the pattern and show where to screw on the handle later. Stick on string with epoxy glue to make the relief pattern.

2 Brush eggshell paint over the pattern on the block. Keep a spare bit of paper towel handy to wipe out excess paint from the loaded brush – this prevents blobs of paint spoiling the block pattern.

3 Mark up the wall first with a pencil (you can remove these marks later with a rubber). Press the block firmly on the wall. A slightly broken finish is part of the charm here, avoiding the formality of a very crisp print, but you can touch it up later with a brush.

Creating the final look The effect of the block pattern can be enhanced by a subtle background. The dark green of this simple paisley pattern is offset by a combination of cool greens on the wall. For the main wall a layer of diluted white emulsion has been brushed lightly over a base of green emulsion; the border beneath the dado rail has a further coat of white wash (87 for masking off and painting borders).

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