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Here, the blue niche effectively “frames a white-matted print. ABOVE RIGHT: Classic Colonial blue, often seen in 18th-century-style interiors, gives the appropriate backdrop for a collection of pewter pieces. Seasonal yellow daffodils seem to pop to life against the darker background. COLOROPTIONSm There's a blue for any taste.

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Intense cobalt blues to pale tropical shades to fun turquoises. MODERN DINING TABLE DESIGN IDEAS The colors of Old Glory, this tricolor combination has long been associated with flags and festivities, sailing ships and celebrations. Crisp and breezy, red, white, and blue naturally decorate porches and playrooms, kids' rooms and nurseries.

Try it, too, with stripes and plaids for an All-American living room or slipcover upholstered pieces in summer whites or striped seersuckers for a nautical, seaside feel. For the most versatility, choose a soft white for the backgroundor ever-so-subtle blue-and-white pinstripes. Fabric choices are wide-ranging, from the classic casuals of sturdy denims, chambrays, and corduroys to more formal dark red or blue cotton damasks or dyed linens.

Or, for cozy warmth, consider red, white, and blue overscaled checks or plaids with red accents. COLOROPTIONS M For your tricolor scheme, match the red to the intensity of blue andlor yellow.


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