Jeanie then leads us into the second level of the home, which houses the main lounge. Soon we are inside yet another semi-outdoor room where there is a set of attractively upholstered couches arranged around a coffee table overlooking the gardens. This is where we meet John Whitfield, Jeanie’s husband.

“While we have spent most of our lives in Kenya, we have lived in this house for the past 12 years, we completed the construction and furnishing in 2004.”

The couple moved to Kenya in 1968 and had been living in Karen before moving. This house has a simple, compact design that is unique.

We are curious, who designed the house? we ask. “Well, since we were very specific about the type of house we wanted, we did the initial sketches of the house ourselves then got our architect to tie it all together,” John explains. The house is a split-level (by two steps) bungalow with a higher than average ceiling with exposed elegant wooden beams. The windows are set between the ceiling level and the roof level. All the windows are large; hence reducing the wall area.

“We intentionally designed our house this way because we wanted lots of natural lighting to filter into our living spaces,” John explains.



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