Modern Home Design With A Low Budget

Modern Home Design With A Low Budget

When moving to a new home the question is always what to keep and what to get rid of. Moving into a first home presents other problems. You may wonder how you’ll ever furnish all the rooms. My next-door neighbors just sold their house. The yard sale advertised, “Just sold our house. Everything must go.” Starting over with bare rooms can be a daunting challenge, scary or exciting. There are many ways to make a comfortable transition from bare to fully furnished.
Make Room for the Old
Once their children were grown, a couple sold their family home and moved into a smaller one. They knew exactly which pieces of furniture had to go with them and kept this in mind when looking for a new house. Theirs was an accumulation of things they had acquired carefully and over many years. Many of their furnishings are associated with a lifetime of memories. In a new home, familiar things are comforting and make the transition to the new space more comfortable.
Starting from Scratch
If you’re moving into your first home and have limited funds, don’t turn down anything your relatives may offer unless you really hate it. Even if your taste is modern, you’ll find that a few homey items like your grandmother’s rocking chair, an old quilt, or a faded love seat can be positively charming in a contemporary setting. Remember, too, that something with good lines but a bad finish, such as a really scratched or stained bureau, can be stripped and refinished for pennies and a few hours of your time. In today’s market this can amount to a substantial savings and your new piece will probably be worth a great deal more than anything you might buy. Old pieces of furniture were often made better as well.

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