Modern Home Designs With Ideas

Modern Home Designs With Ideas

Sewing to Reduce Stress
While millions of dollars have been spent on health club memberships, meditation classes, and/or therapy in an effort to reduce stress, a new clinical study has found that something as simple and rewarding as sewing may be the perfect antidote.
Commissioned by the American Home Sewing &r Craft Association, the study reveals that women who sew, both experienced and novice sewers, showed a significant drop in heart rate and blood pressure when compared to women who participate in other leisure-time activities. Moreover, sewing had the greatest overall positive effect on these stress indicators when compared to other activities.
According to Sew News magazine, the majority of their readers sew because they enjoy it and because they find it relaxing. Sewing is soothing, even if you’ve never done it before. It’s a creative and satisfying activity that one can do for long stretches of time, or in starts and stops. Furthermore, it’s easy to learn how to do simple projects like making curtains, a tablecloth, a patchwork quilt, or throw pillows.
One of the main reasons people sew is to make home decorating elements. Home sewing plays a very positive role in our society, which is undergoing a dynamic reassessment of values. It transforms couch potato passivity into active involvement, without leaving home. In an age where mass production disempowers, hands-on activities like sewing allow people to regain control over their lives. Once you decide to make some basic accessories, go to a high-end home furnishing store or boutique that sells expensive items and really look at the things made from fabric. Then go to a fabric shop and look through the pattern posts. Every pattern maker such as Vogue, Butterick, and McCalls has a home decorating section offering patterns for making coordinated sets from kitchen seat covers to curtains in all styles, to easy slipcovers and pillows. All the materials needed, including a wide variety of trimmings and hardware for curtains and draperies, can be found here as well.

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