Modern Home Designs

Modern Home Designs

The Current Look
Just as with other furnishings, the look of flowers changes style from time to time. Right now the fashionable approach is minimalism. With this attitude flowers should all be cut exactly the same length and not mixed. A pure bouquet of one flower is preferable to a mixed bunch.

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Wildflowers make a country statement while the pristine lily is more formal and au courant. No leaves, please! Would be the dictate of the purists. Clear, heavy, cut-glass vases win out over ceramic pitchers and crocks, or anything fancy.
Once arranged, edit your bouquets.

A simple bud in the bathroom, or flowers of one color on the dining room table, is the way to go. Strip leaves. One hydrangea bundle is the absolutely perfect accessory, especially in a blue room.

Choose flowers that reflect a color in the room. Or, use a bunch of flowers in one color as an accent in a neutral room. I once visited an apartment where everything was white and every table held a clear glass vase of red tulips.

It was sensational. This is especially nice in the dead of winter or for the holidays. It’s very clean looking.
Changing the Look of a Room
It’s easy to change the look of a room by changing the floral arrangements.

While summertime suggests casual arrangements such as wildflowers in baskets, roses in pitchers, cosmos and daisies in country crocks, the fall colors give rooms a transitional look. Just as we move from light-colored clothing to darker, more subdued colors for fall and winter, you can do this with your decorating. Without changing one single piece of furniture you can create a fresh new look with cut flowers.

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