Modern Home Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Home Kitchen Design Ideas
Just a few miles east of San Diego is the city of Santee California known for its beaches. And family-friendly atmosphere but Danny me now kitchen is anything but welcoming who better to rescue this firefighter from his disaster of a kitchen than his mom kelan the larder that, I thought it was gonna be it was surprising Danny with a whole new space Wow we’ve only five days get it done obviously with food now things get heated up well wrong. And tempers rise how does it go from to it’s going to take my design creativity it’s just such a beautiful focal point an acclaimed chef Eric Greenspan professional know-how he can get hot real quick. And a little help from some friends to fix this kitchen big day we were at Danny mean-ass house now Danny learned how to cook in his job as a paramedic. And firefighter. Because he cooks for all the guys at the station in his kitchen here it’s not even making that for one person there’s still higher pressure that is learning how to cook at a firehouse like dating it.

I’ve been cooking for through guys like that that’s pressure, we’re a little bit behind schedule. So yeah we gotta go in. And check out uh check out Helen right now meter that’s what, I guess you guys are okay thank you his mom Helen has nominated him for a new kitchen. And she’s gonna be helping us out with the renovation hello thank you he nominated Danny for a kitchen makeover. Because, I hate coming over here when everybody’s here for a party. And he’s stuck in the kitchen by himself can’t see anybody, I think Danny. And his life deniz are a little embarrassed by the kitchen they have friends over a lot it’s very outdated very old. And not functional at all okay here’s the kitchen this is what Danny has been living with you have this huge space in this kitchen this is the infamous chances that Danny absolutely hates they have all of their appliances out on the shelf there’s no counter space here at all here’s the sink area. And it is. So bad when you run the disposal to one side of the seat backs up then it comes to doesn’t smell very good when you do that the fact that he can’t see anybody with this cabinet here it’s just. So crowded here. And there’s absolutely no room. And Danny’s trying to learn to be a good cook for the fire guy right well it’s one-person kitchen pretty much.

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So bond of the days where it was a one-person kitchen, we’re gonna blow out everything okay fabulous it’s gonna be completely transformed. And when she says blah we are going to blow it down we have been working on this for a while now, we’re gonna completely transform this whole kitchen for Dan love to use the space right there with you with thousands. And I like how the other side of the kitchen feels like a bar, I don’t have. So much more storage nice thing about it is, we’re gonna give it to him in five days good thing for that, I have invited a few of the fire guys over here for Danny to put together a Redemption meal Oh what Oh Danny has had some bad experiences at the firehouse with some meals that they constantly poked fun of him about this relax a lot stand what is gonna cook you know. I’m not sure what he’s gonna cut but with a new kitchen we’ll take care of the kitchen be a Daniel work together we’ll take care of redemption as well hard for us though we got a man gonna pack up a demo okay yeah let’s do it let’s go rock. And roll this is harder than, I thought, I was gonna make that boy rotten friends take a flamethrower to the fat boy needless to say. I’m not gonna vat a nice a couple guys with a virus they should show up to help demo all right gentlemen firefighters slip down that wall.

So fast you rather have the lead. So let’s go ahead. And take this vent down yeah beyond a problem, we’re in the middle of demo we open up the cabinet we see this big vent hood there this vent is not recirculating it goes up all repeatedly okay we have to relocate it to this wall what’s wrong yeah. Because the roof line is shower. And you might not be able to get in every vented my concern is that where, we’re moving the hood we don’t have a lot of attic space for that vent hey Paul you know, we’re relocating this right to the wall. So are we gonna have enough space on the other side, I will know that today even our contractor Paul isn’t sure if he’s gonna be able to make it work Oh little boys takes place down five days it’s not a lot of time we gotta get moving. And keep moving, we’re never get this much are amazing how this feels right. And now we have an empty canvas now that we’ve unified these two spaces this wall where the peninsula used to be is now going to be extended by taking up some of the doorway. And now we’ll create a focal point wall where the cooktop. And a beautiful hood. And tile all the way to the ceiling we’ll have the refrigerator on this back wall along with a pantry for more storage where we took down this wall this is now going to be a huge Island perfect for seating. And then on the back wall where the dining room needs to be you’ll have two pantries flanking either side more counter space. And more upper cabinet storage I’m.

So excited about it, I can’t wait. And he’s gonna be here any minute right now. I’m a little nervous, I really hope Danny is happy with what we’ve got started he’s here Wow you get this for Eagle when, I first walked in the front door it was absolutely shocked. So excited, I don’t think I’ve been that excited for four Wow unbelievable this is a dream come true we’ve made arrangements for you to stay in a hotel for five days while we all work on the kitchen it’s gonna be completely done in five days five days it just keeps getting better I’ve invited all the fire guys over here. And you get to make a reduction dinner in your new kitchen but before we let you out of our sight we want you to go over to that pantry. And take it down this is your old kitchen that’s summed up my aggression for the kitchen coming up you think it’s masculine, I don’t like the backsplash how does it go from : trying to save time that’s what happens it’s gonna not say plan you got some electric attack nice how’s it looking Rockhold you know sounds good know what’s going on one circuit on this wall run in a refrigerator creation to the cooktop. And an outlet here. So now we have my concert. So, we’re gonna run twos new surface that’s just another thing to have the looks isn’t it. And what about this beautiful event here give me some good news on that based Bowl last night, I take it some of its not quite sure we still don’t know this is not a good sign when is your seventh day. And we were ready got a long list of problems if anything here staythat means one thing yeah goody truck arrives. I’m gonna have you open. And this is the cap book is that great this is the brown black finish. So it’s a nice dark rich color. And then for the island this. And this is a solid quartz countertop this you can cut you can prep on it it’s antimicrobial. So no bacteria grows on it you never have to seal it it’s like walrus permanence that’s beautiful. And you love it great right like it yeah. And then we’ve got great countertop it’s. So bright it’s. So green, I can send on your face you’re like.

I don’t know about that, I can tell that she’s not a big fan of that color. And then we’ll have this shell which picks up the island color it’s still masculine but gives a little bit of a soft edge compared to the green you think it’s masculine, I don’t like the backslash, I don’t know if Danny’s gonna like it it just looks feminine to me Helen is really concerned about the backsplash being the shell, I think it’s gonna really lighten up the room. And add that elegant quality to it. I’m getting really worried. I’m sticking to my guns here apparently all the decisions been made we don’t have a choice you’re stuck with it at this point behold the future okay welcome to the wonderful world of induction cooktops beautiful it creates magnetic field to heat the pants. So what happens is pass heat up faster just direct heat some indirect team there’s no open flame it’s easiest lean it’s got this booster function you kind of shift into overdrive you get hot real quick he is gonna love them plus the good thing is yeah, I mean, I don’t have a chef, I could hold the last thing, I want to do is cook, I can imagine that a fireman the last thing he wants to do is see open flames. So this is probably appropriate for dinner all right. So this is our sink obviously our faucets gonna be in the Senate we need to figure out where to put the soap dispenser dish super-handsome dish soap will really make a difference for you, I mean it does, I mean. Because this show makes sense there is that’s where they wash dishes but hand soap would make more sense over here that’s really weird watch their head, I mean personally.

I would use that for for handsome these people had any hand soap when we walked in here they should have hand soap when we walk at it it should go right there it’s the bigger sink you can go in you get it dishes everything is there that’s the spot you’re wrong he’ll what do you think, I really don’t know where to put the soap dispenser, I don’t know what Danny would prefer like they know where to put it either shut up with deity things you’re gonna go find him, I got an idea, I think, I know a way to find out what Danny would walk. I’m gonna solve for somebody the barroom fine let him go, I might wanted to sit there. And bicker back. And forth all day. So, I just figured let’s go to the source she’s come right to the firehouse Hey when, I saw chef come into the fire station, I was surprised you’re gonna come by couple grilled cheeses for the guys just by how to play first things first what’s up wash up we gotta keep Danny figure. So see where he puts him back. So he got a beers left goes around as an instinct tick it. And dropped it much where, I said soap dispensers the first thing, I thought of was chilly that’s a fire department staples or not right. And then, I was going to throw a little bit of black beans in the meantime but this is heating up let’s start grilling off that bread there’s good cheese on every piece now. I’m gonna take this chili you guys got napkins this is gonna be a sloppy one yeah, we’re used to sloppy meals at the fire station attention gentlemen soup this all-stars buon appetito ah another fantastic Greenspan’s grilled cheese business is this plywood the same size as the countertops she goes.

I’m looking at the template for the countertop. And it’s too short the countertop gonna be that short yes comes out is that short countertops were cut too short. And I don’t know how that happens why is there a big gap there the quartz countertop was off site we’ve got inches of countertop inches were made that leaves us with a inch gap how does it get go from to trying to save time that’s what happens they templated the countertops off site that’s not a good option. Because mistakes are made it’s gonna not save time now. So we neither need to cut a whole new piece or are we splicing it are you gonna see it like well on top. I’ll show you something okay see how this is drying there’s a seam in the middle of here but you can’t see it can ladies out there that’s what. I’m gonna hope that they get right coming up this looks like chaos over here obviously, I would do it now we have your mouse appraised we can now increase the value, I you they templated the countertops off-site that leaves us with a inch gap the solution is just seeing the original piece. And if that’s acceptable, we’re gonna stay with that if not it’s gonna be a new piece fabricating a new top is not gonna work within our schedule, I don’t understand what happened oh you already added it pretty good thanks work they totally redeem themselves. Because when, I went to that countertop you couldn’t see a thing looks amazing Wow beautiful oh, I know what you think they have no what, I really like ball game for was our progress this looks like chaos over here it is one of the electrical fixes this box was original but now we’ve added two more we don’t we needed to get rid of this box. And just add one here. And one over there why do we know how three that’s a homeowner panel. So we all right now, we’re not today this is just a little excessive for outlets on this wall can’t we raise it. And put it up in family possible obviously, I wouldn’t do it now. Because we have this beautiful tile here. And you’re walking into the kitchen. And you’re is he PBB Alice. I’m gonna see what, I can do, we’re going to put in these glass doors they have the stainless steel they’re prostitutes or they’ll see everything inside you seek get the soap dispenser but is this chef that’s why you call me the Duchess of Design Nicole kisses. And she’s a crafty one that Duchess this is not done what we got to get done right now is we got it install the faucet. So why don’t you drop this down the hole and. I’ll get under an attachment okay. So hold that straight up. I’ll screw it from here take your good spin over there and, we’re tight look up it’s Game five. And I gotta say a lot of progress is the base we got a kitchen overhead.

I love it oh just sets noses like not looks like a spaceship you think CI bulky little straw I’ve got some organizational stuff here in these drawers that is gonna simplify his life number one know what those are nice box. So often these take up space on people’s countertops they got their knives sitting in there these set right in there. And he gives stores it that way right over this spice rack what these ridges do is they fold those little glass tubes you got to lay one at a time organizing all the different spices that Daniel Exeter’s organized spices yeah sorry it’s key you are clean like we are any organized. But we’re gonna be cooking is a breeze there’s not much more we can do in the kitchen at this point. So. I’m gonna grab Eric. And Kelly to get some last-minute accessories eating pots pans right follow these all of these all of these are duchesses this thing right here is absolutely perfect see that little squiggle that me Gigi’s on the induction burner oh that’s nice laughing scrapple to those away we need to find something for the Iowa this can’t work they look good right that’s like a small oneokay perfect, I want to find a plant that has some architectural lines to it like this this is a ginseng it’s cool right like it has Tsubasa exactly is it good perfect forgot one thing oh really.

So be it my friends. So be it, I am. So nervous, I can’t believe today it’s finally here it’s the day that he gets to see it, I hope he likes it whoa we’ve all created an amazing kitchen for an incredible man. And I just can’t wait to see Danny walk through that door. And see it this is gonna be a family filled with joy love. And that’s what, we’re about Danny’s. So giving with other people. And I feel. So honored to be able to do that for my son okay really keep them closed up Hey this is amazing, I can’t believe it, I never thought that the kissing could look like is a complete transformation something with that space check out the sake. So that you can just clean off your surface from your countertop brighteners this is just unbelievable we’ve got away yeah we have just soap dispenser to which, I believe goes, I don’t hear what you this is an induction he’s create a connection with the pan. So it’s almost flameless schemes. And Oh a spice rack that’s perfect all my spices were stewing about the kitchen before that happens to be Michael what’s a microwave that a huge huge, I having something like this just amazing over here for counter space more cabinets panties to the office everything has its place this is what, I needed, I owe my mom everything putting this together woman with all the improvements cabinets countertops everything we have increase the value Wow Wow hope, I can’t believe it mr. good friends good food great cheers Cheers, I believe you made this for you guys for this Redemption right here making hurry just work that land right tomatoes works really well three.

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