Modern Living Room Curtains Ideas

Modern Living Room Curtains Ideas

Heavy curtains

Winter curtains can be thickly quilted to keep out the cold. Heavy fabrics must reach the ground to exploit their draught-proofing quality and to give life to their stiffness – otherwise they just hang in dull parallel folds. Finishing off hems with wide borders will add weight and depth. Paisley in rich, warm reds and browns takes some of the sting out of winter windows, and if you are feeling clannish, tartans have a surprisingly festive and cheering air.

Pure theatre This window treatment uses an effective combination of fabrics, hung simply from a bamboo pole. Cheap striped cotton from India was draped over the pole first, and then augmented by an old pink bedspread, generously swagged. The soft, warm colours at the window are partnered by a faded patchwork quilt that covers the 1940s utility armchair, and pieces of antique tapestry that came from a local junk shop.

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