Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas For Apartments

How has the market changed in your region?

Dana: Dramatically. The year 2008 was a peak, with the highest median price yet seen. Then the bottom fell out of the real estate and financial markets. We didn’t know if we were ever going to see those levels again. Now it’s 2015, and new highs are set every day It’s become a seller’s market.

Paulette: Palm Beach has really evolved over the years. We’re a world-class destination, and people want to be here. For one thing, Florida is a tax haven, a good place to land-bank your money.

How do you succeed in such a competitive business?

Paulette: We’re solution finders. Our buyers and sellers respect our analyses. We know how to navigate on behalf of our clients.

Dana: I have an M.B.A. in finance, and that comes in handy when we drill down into numbers. We try to give our customers the best advice we possibly can.

What’s the dynamic when you work together? Are you totally alike, or do you complement each other?

Paulette: It’s a combination of both. One of the great things about our partnership is that we think along the same lines. And while the office atmosphere is serious, we do like to have fun. We both see the humor in situations.

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