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Although this development has more than 100 permanent residents and 2,100 homesites, Kent feels that limited access to the island will help Bald Head remain mostly a second-home community. It’s not totally convenient to get here, he says. And because cars aren’t allowed, people must slow to island speed. Cape Fear Station, the newest neighborhood on the island’s east end, offers old-style coastal North Carolina homes. Modern living room decorating ideas Building codes encourage uncomplicated designs with such details as steep roofs, exposed rafter tails, and double-hung windows. Porches, picket fences, and cart-size garages underscore the vernacular, forming intimate community settings. Guest cottages often complete the scene, adding an extra bedroom and bath to the home. The street-scape comes from an assembly of scales main house, guest cottage, and garage, Kent says. We want the texture, like a traditional town. Afternoons offer visitors the ultimate in activity and exploration. An 18-hole championship golf course winds through the landscape, while a pool and tennis and croquet courts entertain at the Bald Head Island Club. For adventurers, tidal creeks welcome kayaks and canoes, and hiking trails ramble through a maritime forest preserve. Unpopulated beaches are just part of Bald Head Island’s allure. Restaurants, shops, a grocery, and a chapel add to the on-island experience. Developer Kent Mitchell says plans are in the works for a beach club in Cape Fear Station.

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