Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas

Temporarily Furnished
If your living room looks too uninviting, do a little cosmetic surgery. Pull whatever furniture you have away from the walls and create a cozy and intimate seating area. If you have a coffee table or end table but nothing to go on it, fill it with posts, inexpensively framed photographs, a souvenir from your travels, and anything else you have that you enjoy looking at. A photo album filled with favorite family photos is perfect. It doesn’t take too many things to create a lived-in, personal space.
When you use an inappropriate piece of furniture in place of what will eventually be there, it gives you an approximation of the look you want. You can always camouflage it with a few interesting objects like a pretty bowl filled with potpourri, a glass animal, and a vase.
More Tricks of the Trade
To make a room feel furnished, fill large crocks with tall branches of fronds, leaves, or marsh grasses. Fill oversize vases with branches of evergreens and place them on the floor next to a sofa. A small table covered with a tapestry cloth can serve as a temporary end table, again with an interesting piece of pottery on top. Low lamps would be the next obvious purchase for making the room seem cozy.
What to Do with Bare Walls
If you don’t have any artwork, hang a small quilted wall hanging for instant warmth. If you’re lucky enough to own an old quilt that’s beyond repair, consider cutting out a good section and having it framed. This might be just what the room needs to create a homey feeling. Photographs lend another familiar touch. It’s easy to find inexpensive frames that look every bit as good as expensive ones. If you have a fireplace, the mantel is a great place to display framed family photographs.
Another trick is to matte and frame greeting cards, pages from an illustrated post, or pages from a botanical calendar.

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