Modern Living Rooms Ideas

Modern Living Rooms Ideas

How is the industry changing?

Tim: The way the customer accesses information, of course, has changed dramatically. We must provide the right information to clients in hopes of gaining their trust and

creating loyalty And sometimes it’s a challenge to provide just the right amount of information not too much, not too little. Another phenomenon that I find astonishing has developed just in the past four or five years. New homes have popped up on the market in what you might call “B” locations, but because they’re new construction they draw a lot of buyers.

Jon, what makes you tick?

Jon: I really like helping people; all my friends know this about me. As for activities, I go into Manhattan occasionally and sometimes take in Knicks basketball games. Beyond that, I do a lot of the same things most people do I work and travel. I’m active and I go to SoulCycle it’s a very hot fitness movement now. I’ve been cycling next to Robert Tisch, the co-owner of the New York Giants. And I’ve seen former NBA star Chris Mullin and actor Alec Baldwin. Besides being a good way to stay in shape, it’s a great way to meet clients.

How would you sum up the challenge you face?

Jon: Buying a home is an emotional experience. A client has to feel something, especially when you’re talking about something in the tens of millions of dollars. If your marketing can reach out and touch them, that’s a good start. Then they must meet you and see that you’re a real person and have their best interests at heart.

Close associates of the Davises, Paulette and Dana Koch known as the Koch Team bring experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to the real estate market in South Florida. They also happen to be mother and son. On the Inside spoke with them recently to get their take on the market, the chemistry between them and what it takes to succeed.

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