Modern Paint Color Ideas

Modern Paint Color Ideas
Painting plaster mouldings
Next item in the sequence is the plasterwork: mouldings such as cornices and ceiling roses.
Because of the porous nature of plaster, mouldings are particularly susceptible to staining caused by damp, mould, mineral salts and nicotine. You must ensure that these have been adequately dealt with, the surface made good and primed before you start repainting. Ask at your hardware store for suitable products to tackle specific problems.
Mouldings should be painted with small paintbrushes or artist’s brushes, depending on their size and the amount of detail they entail. Start by using a 2.5cm (lin) brush to apply the base colour, ensuring that the bristles are gently splayed to create a neat outer edge. When this colour has dried, you may wish to pick out some of the detail in a
Order of painting
1 Professional painters paint a room in a particular order. Follow this order for a professional finish.
1 Before painting the wall, ‘cut in’ around the edges with a 2.5-5cm (1-2in) brush, with bristles slightly splayed.
2 Next, begin applying paint with a roller – in criss-cross followed by vertical strokes.
3 Paint the ceiling with a roller attached to an extension pole, working in alternating strips across the ceiling. contrasting colour using a smaller artist’s brush. If you are trying to paint a straight line or particularly fine detail, steady your hand by resting it against a mahl stick.

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