Modern Pictures For Living Room

Modern Pictures For Living Room

What’s the best sales advice you’ve received from your dad?

Jon: That it’s not just about doing one deal; it’s about building a relationship that’s going to last. That’s the way my father has done business his entire career.

Can you tell us about a successful sale?

Jon: In August I got a call from a young couple with one small child and another on the way They wanted to be in a house before the end of summer. The first house they saw was beautiful, a quarter-mile from the ocean. The in praise of the personal touch price was $2.35 million, but the sellers were prepared to do the deal at 2 mil. The wife wasn’t sure she wanted to keep looking. But my dad always says it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen one house or 20, if the value is there, grab it. This was a big move for this couple, but the value was there. I got to know them. I had fun with them. And they trusted me. They bought the house, and now they’re very happy

What’s your approach to showings?

Jon: A lot of brokers talk too much. I believe you create the mood and then let the property speak. Of course, I answer any questions.

Tim, tell us about the spec house you’ve built at 7 James Street in Southampton.

Tim: This was the first property I could devote my attention to that wouldn’t take away from my main business, which is listing and selling properties. The land was right, but I thought the way the house faced could be improved. So I worked with an architect Jon was part of the process too. Because he’s in the business, he could see the home being built from the ground up and the decisions being made along the way to maximize space and add amenities that would make it saleable. We broke ground in Au-gust-September 2014 and finished the house in just over 12 months. We put it on the market just before Labor

Day, and we’ve had a good response.

I’m proud of the fact that there is no other broker who’s doing this at my level in the community.

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