Modern Room Decorations

Modern Room Decorations

Tim Davis’ name is a celebrated one in Hamptons real estate. For him, that renown is not something to trade on, but a challenge to live up to daily. He sat down recently with his son and partner Jon to share thoughts with On the Inside:

What’s your secret for relating to clients?

Tim: We never forget that this is a service business. Some brokers get to a point where they think, “I don’t need to be doing this. I’m too important.” I’ve made it clear to my assistant and to Jon that there are things we must do for clients, and we must stay on top of things.

Jon: Even with today’s technology, buyers want a personal touch. It’s really all about having a human connection and being yourself. I want clients to know me and know they’re in good hands. Once they get to know me, I build on that.

Does technology make your job harder or easier?

Tim: Both, actually. Easier because it helps keep our name out there. But harder because we have to maintain that. Some brokers frankly don’t keep up with the times. One advantage of having Jon in the business is that he’s helped us stay current and innovative. And with today’s technology, responsiveness and accessibility are two of the most important things to consider. How quickly do you respond? What’s your availability? If you don’t get right back to clients, they’ll move on. These days you need to be reachable 24/7, unless you’re in the middle of a jungle somewhere and have given notice about it.

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