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Unleash the inner chef in you with the ELBA AC 810-100 X digital built-in oven, the latest addition to the Italian brand’s array of innovative kitchen appliances. This space-saving gadget, which blends well with your kitchen’s streamlined aesthetic, is equipped with a 10-mode multifunction programmer and pre-set functions that will make every recipe an easy feat. Its touch-sensitive control panel has a digital LED display, where you can monitor the temperature from the preheating stage until the desire temperature has been reached.

Aside from delectable concoctions, ELBA also allows you to feast on wine with its integrated wine cooler. The storage capacity equates to 46 Bordeaux wine bottles, and its dual-zone compartment ensures that you can serve wine in the most ideal temperature. Much like the digital oven, ELBA’s wine cooler can be conveniently installed alongside counter drawers, but can likewise be used as a stand-alone fixture.

ELBA is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information on how you can be the perfect host with advanced kitchen gadgets, visit

Prepare a feast in a flash with heaps of creativity and extra servings of flavor

Christmas is just around the corner, and pretty soon, friends and family will be craving for some good ol’ catch-up. The holidays really have a way of bringing loved ones together. But with so many things going on during this season, it’s quite difficult to pull off a cool house party. Get your home ready for those gatheringsbe it impromptu or plannedwith the help of these tricks.

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