A Network of Prefab Tiny Homes Allows Users to “Pay as You Live”

A Network of Prefab Tiny Homes Allows Users to "Pay as You Live"

A wide opening with pocket doors between the breakfast area and the dining room beyond allows the Rosenlunds’large extended family to dine together. This farm table features a top built from repurposed church pews. A yellow-painted cupboard keeps table linens and seasonal decor close at hand.

A Network of Prefab Tiny Homes Allows Users to “Pay as You Live” Photo Gallery


Above: Scott built this impressive blue cabinet—perfect for stowing china—to resemble one Susan spied in a photo.

Right: A mix of old and new furnishings, including a consignment-shop table, an old pie safe and a tailor’s side table, fill the dining room. A window frame, dough bowl and drawer provide artful foundations for seasonal displays.

Exterior, Prefab Building Type, Metal Roof Material, Wood Siding Material, Tiny Home Building Type, Gable RoofLine, and House Building Type Manufactured in a factory offsite, the 370-square-foot house can comfortably fit two people.

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It s a way to relax and renew, even if I don’t buy anything

As Susan Rosenlund’s Spring,Texas, home proves, a penchant for primitives does not mean your rooms need to look like you are peering into the dimly lit past. Here are some of the ways she keeps her home feeling fresh and bright:

Balancing Act: If you love old, dark finishes on primitive pieces but do not want your space to feel somber, balance those pieces out with white or cream walls and lots of natural light.

Exterior, Prefab Building Type, Metal Roof Material, Cabin Building Type, Wood Siding Material, Tiny Home Building Type, and Small Home Building Type The home's modular design is composed of an outer shell and an interior core unit that contains essential living functions, such as a bed, bathroom, and a small kitchenette.

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The Cabin Spacey team.

Exterior, Gable RoofLine, Wood Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, Small Home Building Type, Prefab Building Type, Cabin Building Type, and Tiny Home Building Type Even though the house can be connected to the city grid, it also has solar panels that collect energy from the sun and can produce its own energy.

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Dining Room, Chair, Table, Bench, and Light Hardwood Floor Intelligently crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials, this Cabin Spacey tiny house is also energy efficient, and equipped with smart home technology.

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Dining Room, Stools, Wall Lighting, Bench, Chair, Table, and Light Hardwood Floor A four-person dining table is sited near the large picture window on the wider end of the house.

Photo Tags: dining room, stools, wall lighting, bench, chair, table, light hardwood floors

Staircase and Wood Tread Steps with built-in drawers lead up to the sleeping loft.

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Living Room and Bench The bench along the window can be transformed into a guest bed.

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Bedroom, Bed, and Ceiling Lighting A built-in coffee machine in the kitchenette.

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Kitchen, Wood Backsplashe, Light Hardwood Floor, Refrigerator, Drop In Sink, Cooktops, and Wood Cabinet The kitchenette includes a fridge, laundry machine, an integrated coffee machine, and a regular-size cooktop.

Photo Tags: kitchen, wood backsplashes, light hardwood floors, refrigerator, drop in sinks, cooktops, wood cabinets

Bedroom, Wall Lighting, Bed, and Storage Under the bed platform is a large wardrobe, storage spaces, and a USB docking station.

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Bedroom, Bed, and Wall Lighting The lofted bedroom features a king-size Casper Mattress, and a skylight window that allows for idyllic stargazing at night. 

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Bath Room, Wood Counter, and Vessel Sink The bright bathroom is fitted with skylight windows, and is equipped with Grohe fixtures and a walk-in rain shower. 

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