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Human thought, as expressed by material culture, language, and beliefs, is modified to a certain extent by survivals of past environments. In early conditions this modification was strong, but later, when man had obtained greater control over his surroundings, external conditions lost some of their power. The character of primitive habitations is perhaps more influenced by environment than any other product of man's intelligence, but even in them we find surviving traces of former conditions. 36

In order to realize environments that meet the full spectrum of our needs, the design profession must first develop a scientific understanding of the human mind and environmental aesthetics. This new design knowledge has to recognize our cultural expectations for buildings as well what is rendered in our genes, that distant memory of the cave.

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Only with these factors in mind can design realize its full potential otherwise it will have a permanent blind spot. NEW BALI HOME DESIGNS Design must find balance between the issues that technology and modern society have created while honoring primal desires, between the external world and the inner self, and between function and beauty. Good design is the result of a process that emerges from inside us and gives shape to what is around us.

Dwelling, however, is the basic character of Being in keeping with which mortals exist. Perhaps this attempt to think about dwelling and building will bring out somewhat more clearly that building belongs to dwelling and how it receives its nature from dwelling. Enough will have been gained if dwelling and building have become worthy of questioning and thus have remained worthy of thought.









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