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“Design has become multilayered; it’s not just twodimensional anymore,” says Trevyn McGowan of Southern Guild. “Neville Trickett’s upcoming show in our gallery in February will demonstrate this. Various zones will be dedicated to the different human senses, so it’s all about interaction.”

Painterly Blooms

The floral trend continues to blossom, shown here to striking effect in Designers Guild’s new Caprifoglio collection. Hand-painted, digitally printed flowers are rendered in two different scales, so you can go all-out Versailles or a little more mod. See the collection at Home Fabrics.


Nature-inspired motifs can be familiar and quirky, especially in unexpected tones of coral and mint, as seen in Harlequin’s new Palmetto Wallpaper collection. Demoiselle’s dragonfly motif is a fresh take on the Victorian specimen box’ layout, while Cranes in Flight is pure escapism. See the range at Black Fabrics.


“There’s an ever-increasing move away from the mass produced towards local artisans and hand-worked items, says Ockert Dixon of Jacket Interiors. “People are more interested in considered designs that last.

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