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By niid-2015, “Swan River Farmhouse” was ready for guests other than the McAfees themselves. “The intent was always to rent it out in the summer, at least initially,” savs Felesha. Located on the northern end of Flathead Lake, Bigfork is a bustling tourist town in the warmer months. Vacationers come from around the state and beyond to enjoy both water activities and the area’s myriad cultural amenities. But Felesha doesn’t really mind missing out 011 summer. “1 love how quiet and sleepy the town gets in the off-season. Winter is our time, and we get to come down to hang out, go cross-country skiing with our dogs, and work on projects to get the place ready for summer again.” Because the couple lives in nearby Whitensh, the trip to the cabin is an easy jaunt for a weekend getaway but far enough to feel like a true vacation home.

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White floors, walls, and ceiling reflect the light, brightening what was once a dimly lit space.

Open shelving, a barnwood celling, a deep sink, and antique accents in the kitchen reference the home’s history as a farmhouse.


The McAfees will be the first to admit that renovating a house down to the studs (and beyond) is a daunting experience to tackle alone, especially without prior experience. And yet, when asked if they would do it again, Felesha doesn’t miss a beat: “Yes, we w’ould.” Then she pauses a moment to reflect. Okay, I would definitely do rhe ‘lipstick and rouge’ part of it again” she laughs. “Maybe not quite everything that we did!”

Sometimes, the seed of an idea takes years even decades to germinate and come to fruition.

But so often, it’s these slow-growing dreams rhat are most worth the wait. Such was the case with Mchosh D/.iadzio’s rebuilt cabin in southern California’s Los Padres National Forest.

“As a child growing up on my grandparents’ farm in upstate New York. I watched my grandfather, a Polish immigrant after whom I was named, take a run-down farmhouse built in the 1850s and transform it into something beautiful, says Mchosh. “That’s what inspired me to one day do that myself.

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