New Season Home Decoration Ideas

Whether it’s with small, subtle accents, or in larger doses for a bold statement, colour will add a boost of energy and character to your space – and make a big impact without the need to splash too much cash. If you don’t know where to start, follow these tips on how to transform your interiors from boring to beautiful.

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You don’t have to go through the effort of repainting all your interior walls to brighten up your home – just paint one wall to pack a punch and create a focal point. You could also use wallpaper (the latest products are easy to apply) for the same impact. And who says it’s from a colour injection? Vinyl stickers can be added to tiles in the kitchen and bathroom for a speedy update. Don’t want something too permanent? Paint a large piece of MDF and prop it up against the wall to create a block of colour that will instantly pep up your space. If you’re hankering after some pattern, stretch your favourite fabric over the MDF and staple it in place on the back of the board, or paste it with a sheet of wallpaper to fit.


Create your own gallery space with colourful art prints, or a selection of black-and-white photos in coloured frames – the art doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s worth spending a bit more on the frames to give it a luxe look. If you don’t want to put nails or screws into the walls, try mounting tape instead. This means you can also move things around when you’re tired of a scheme. Or skip hanging altogether and prop framed artwork up against the wall, on a dresser or mantel. Arrange prints in groups and they’ll have even more impact.


A bold, colourful rug is a great starting point when decorating a room. Choose the furniture and accessories in the room around its colours. A rug is also a great way to create a focal point in a living area – just group your furniture on, or around, the rug to pull the room together.


Don’t have the budget to redecorate? No problem. Just build your colour scheme around what you already have. and bigger items of furniture. Your room’s base shades are likely to be a mix of neutrals but they could have either a warm, or a cool base. Stick to warm accent colours (like red, yellow and brown) for warm neutrals, and cooler colours (blue, green and grey) for cold neutrals (like brilliant white).


Are you a fan of punchy brights or do you want to be soothed by soft pastels? Think about how different colours make you feel, then look for a way to work those shades into your home decor. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the colour wheel – you can choose a single colour in varying shades (that’s called a tonal scheme), colours that are next to each other on the wheel (for a harmonious scheme), or subscribe to the ‘opposites attract’ school of thought and go for colours directly opposite each other (which will create a contrasting scheme). Remember that a contrasting scheme can be visually overwhelming so it will work best when there’s one dominant colour, and its opposite colour is used only as – and help you choose the right tones, pick up a paint colour swatch from a DIY store.


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