Now’s The Perfect Time to Start Off a New Lawn or Freshen Up UP an Existing Patch Ready for Sunny Days Outdoors

Now’s The Perfect Time to Start Off a New Lawn or Freshen Up UP an Existing Patch Ready for Sunny Days Outdoors

Now that summer’s on its way and temperatures are rising, your grass will be having a growth spurt – but so will all the weeds! May is a great time to sort out any troublesome spots in your lawn. Here’s how.


It might not be our favourite job in the garden, but if you mow your lawn regularly, you’ll save yourself lots of time. A weekly trim will keep your grass at a stable height and growing strongly. But leave it to get long, then scalp it to save yourself getting out the lawnmower for another couple of weeks, and you’ll weaken it and create bald patches, leaving it vulnerable to moss and weeds moving in. A weekly trim is best in May, and aim to reduce the height of the blades by about a third each time you mow.

Now’s The Perfect Time to Start Off a New Lawn or Freshen Up UP an Existing Patch Ready for Sunny Days Outdoors


We all have a line when it comes to what we think of as weeds in our lawn. Some of us want a pure-green sea of 100% grass, while others love a patch or two of pretty daisies. But we all agree that big weeds such as dandelions and docks have got to go! Sort them out now, while they’re still small, and you won’t be left with ugly bare patches later. The easiest way is with a quick squirt of liquid weedkiller – try Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra (£4/1L, Or, if you’d rather take an organic approach, then a long-handled weed-pulling tool will make removing the roots much easier. Try Fiskars Xact Weed Puller (£28.95,


We’ve had a mild, damp winter, which has been great for moss! But now is a good time to get rid of it. You can apply a moss killer but if your lawn is mossy, then it could do with a feed, too, to encourage the grass to grow where the moss has moved in. You can weed, de-moss and feed your lawn all in one go with a product such as Aftercut All In One (£12, Wearing gloves, sprinkle the granules as evenly as you can over the lawn, brushing it off any paths, patios or decking as it may stain, and watering it in if it doesn’t rain within 48 hours.


If you don’t have a problem with moss but grass isn’t growing well, or it’s looking less than lush, then it’s a good idea to make sure it’s getting all the nutrients it needs with a fertiliser. Use a summer fertiliser in May, as it’s formulated for the stronger growth rates at this time of the year – try Lawnsmith Spring & Summer ‘Natur’ Fertiliser (£11.95/2.5kg, TRY THIS! You know those annoying little hollows that your lawnmower misses? Commandeer a sieve from the kitchen and sift a little soil into the depression. Use a brush to help it fall through the blades of grass to ground level. Keep repeating this process every few weeks, being careful not to swamp the grass with too much soil, and your lawn will soon be much flatter.


If you’ve removed weeds and moss, you’ll likely be left with a few sparse areas. Use a rake to break up the soil surface a little, then sprinkle on some grass seed. Try Gro-Sure Smart Patch Lawn Seed (£10.99/1.2kg, Weigh out 10g of seed and find a container that fits about this much in. This is enough seed to cover a square metre, so it’s easy to work out how much you’ll need for whatever size your bald patch is. Sprinkle it on as evenly as you can, then rake again and water gently. A week later, you should see fresh green shoots starting to sprout.


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