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Office Design Feng Shui

Making a tiling gauge
A tiling gauge is simple to make and will make your life easier when it comes to deciding on the horizontal and vertical positioning of tiles. It also allows you to know at a glance how many tiles will fit between two points and ensures that you centre tiles accurat over baths or along windows. Make a nh gauge from a 1.2m (4ft) length of 50 x 25i: (2 x lin) wooden batten. On a flat surfa lay out the tiles as you will arrange their, the wall, allowing space between the tiles tile spacers that eventually will be filled v grout. Use a ballpoint pen to mark clearlv the batten the widths of the tiles and the : spacer/grouting space.
Preparing surfaces
Careful preparation is the key to success tiling. You need a smooth, clean, grease- dust-free surface on which to start. A imperfections in the wall and skimping at: stage will be magnified once you have fc a glossy ceramic tile on the top or attemp: any kind of geometric design.
When tiling on bare plaster, prepare carefully as you would for painting (see pai 5657), ensuring there is no mould or dan If the wall is in very bad condition you ir need to consider skimming it with a ni layer of plaster. If you are tiling over r.: plaster, make sure it is absolutely dry and 1 been sealed with a proprietary primer-sea-If you are tiling over a chipboard or plywo surface, seal it with a dilute solution of P’ adhesive first.

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