Amiable and beneficent, our wizard is well known for his hospitality. Witches, wizards, and non-magical folk travel for miles anticipating tlie gastronomic delights prepared by tlie country’s only female chef, to raise a cup or two of libation, consult tlie books in tlie wizard’s extensive library, and sit by tlie fire listening to his travelogues, including die latest exploits of Hercule Poirot, a strange and wonderful Belgian they one day hope to meet.

For you see, our wizard is a time traveller with a penchant for astronomy, fine cuisine, 20 th century mystery writers, and espresso. So much so that he frequently travels forward in time to pick up books written by his favourite audiors, including a first edition of A Christmas Carol signed by Dickens himself. Dragonwyck is positively delightful year round, but especially so at Christmas. Because he is a time traveller, our wizard delights in incorporating all die wonderful traditions that have sprung up around Christmas over the centuries”Christmas trees, greenery, wreadis and garlands, wrapped presents, extravagant pastries, and” somediing new diis year”ice cream!

The wizard’s guests are a convivial lot and have treasured Christmas morning each LEFT: The wizard’s castle is fully decorated for the holiday season.

ABOVE AND RIGHT: The tree is titled, Dragon Fire because of the golden dragon tree topper. The wizard’s niece has opened her present with excitement year since the wizard began celebrating it here at Dragonwyck more than a century ago. The spirit of Christmas is so exuberant that even Santa Claus pauses for a much-needed rest on 12 th Night as he recovers from his journey around the globe. But before we step inside, let1 s travel forward in time to learn how Dragonwyck came to be.

Long time miniaturist Barbara Meade dreamed of owning a magnificent castle the first time she spotted Rik Pierce’s East of the Moon on display.


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