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Plastic or metal track to the exact measurement you require. Clip the track to the brackets and then secure it to the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When the window has a pelmet or a similar covering, the track can be attached either to the wall or to the base of the pelmet board. Its position should be far enough back from the front edge to allow room for bunching of the curtains when they are drawn open, but not so far back that the track is visible when looking up at the pelmet. The exact position depends on the bulkiness of the curtains. For unlined cotton curtains the track can be only 5cm (2in) from the front; heavy, interlined curtains will need to be hung further back.

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Track can also be hidden when the curtains are drawn open by use of a fascia board attached to the front of a pelmet board. This is a narrow piece of wood or buckram, faced with the curtain material and attached with Velcro, tacks or glue around the edge of a pelmet board or to the front of the track.

4 To conceal the curtain track, make a small fascia board and cover it with the same fabric as the curtain.

The track is fixed behind it to the pelmet board or wall; the curtain hooks loop into the runners, and the gathered frill of the curtains stands up in front of the fascia board to cover it when the curtains are closed.

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