Office Designs With Glass

Office Designs With Glass

Pelmets, valances, swags and tails

The space above curtains offers plenrv scope for decorative interest. If you deci against having a pole, then a worla pelmets, valances and other ornamental to pings, such as swags and tails, opens up. -manner of designs and fabrics are possible

This shaped pelmet with a zigzag bottom edge makes a dramatic impact when the curtains are open and the points are outlined against daylight. Covered in the same fabric as the curtains, the pelmet is deep enough not to look skimpy, without blocking out much light from the window.

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A pelmet can be made of stiffened fabric plain wood, fixed onto a board, or shelf, d is then fixed to the wall. The simplest fabr covered pelmet is rectangular when look at face-on, and covered with the same tab as the curtains. More exciting alternatr might have a shaped lower edge, such as sc lops, zigzags or castellations. Some pelm have a shaped upper edge too. A pelmet be decorated with trimmings such as ribb. braid, tassels or fringing, while a la window can be made grand with a peln formed from magnificent swags and tails.

Using a different fabric from the curt material for a heading can make an attrac contrast and is an opportunity to use a inexpensive fabric than you could afford for I curtains themselves. It could have sirru colours but a bolder pattern, perhaps, o pattern that will be shown off to grea effect when flat on the pelmet rather th lost in curtain folds. Checks give defmiti to striped curtains, while stripes giv; refreshing finish to floral cotton curtai Alternatively, use a plain fabric with a cc trasting edging, or create your own fab design, using applique, embroidery or pa

1 A pelmet board is fixed above the window so that the pelmet will eventually conceal the curtain heading.

2 Fabric is attached to the stiffened pelmet shape and the 3 Lining is slip stitched to the back, then the pelmez edges are turned over to the wrong side. round three sides of the board with Velcro fastener.

Valance creator

1 Feed fabric through the spiral hooks from back to front, pull into a loop and secure the tail behind.

2 The finished ruffles hide the supporting hooks, and the hole result gives a ‘swag and tail’ effect.

A wooden pelmet can be made from solid wood, plywood, or MDF (medium-density nbreboard), which is easier to saw into interesting shapes than timber. It can be painted, or it can be decorated with glued objects around the edges or in patterns shells, rope or beads, for example.

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