Old Bronx Borough Courthouse New York

After serving for a time as the Bronx County Branch of the City Criminal Court, this impressive Beaux Arts building was boarded up and forgotten. It was originally built as the borough's only courthouse by Michael J. Garvin, a friend of the borough president. He turned the actual design over Oscar Bleumner who, although he had architectural training, thought of himself as a painter.

Old Bronx Borough Courthouse needs about $10M in renovations.

Bronx Borough Courthouse still empty - NY Daily News

Old Bronx Borough Courthouse Is 'No Longer Empty' - ANIMAL


Former Bronx Borough Courthouse, South Bronx, New York City | Flickr ...

The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, in New York Photo via: Panoramio

Abandoned Bronx Borough Courthouse Closed for 37 Years Opens With No ...

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