One Liberty Plaza New York

Built by U.S. Steel as a demonstration of the possibilities of its newly developed Cor-ten steel for building exteriors, the architects got the message and came up with a structure with unusually wide bays spanned by deep girders that are exposed on the outside. The effect is overpowering, but nowhere more so than at the entrance, where the low beams make you instinctively want to duck so that you won't bump your head. This building replaced Ernest Flagg's 1908 Singer Tower, the tallest building ever demolished in the name of progress.

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During television coverage of the September 11 World Trade Center disaster, One Liberty Plaza was authoritatively pronounced dead all afternoon by reporters who were blocks away. But when the dust cleared, it was still standing.

One Liberty Plaza | Ephemeral New York

One Liberty Plaza - New York City

Panoramio - Photo of New York, One Liberty Plaza - 2002

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