Open House Custom Ranch Home Walk-through with Builder

Okay today we’re gonna go through a custom ranch model here at Thousand Oaks it’s in Spring Grove Illinois it was just completed by cailin builders and the landscaping finding yet. But that’s okay.

Because the inside is all decorated you’re gonna love it and we’re lucky enough to have the builder Kim Meyer join us for today’s tour he’ll be here in a few minutes and you’re gonna have a nice in-depth tour of a custom ranch okay before we start the toys, when they give you a quick rundown on the specs of the home Ken how many square feet how many better be bad this is a single-story ranch house that has three bedrooms on the main level the Masters on one side of the home the guest bedrooms are on the opposite end of the home so it’s a nice split plan for privacy then there’s two and a half baths on the main level, and we also all of our homes come standard with a full basement. So we finished the lower level add another couple thousand square feet a living space down there we added a motor better than a bath. So we have a total of four bedrooms and three and a half baths in this model. So we did ten-foot ceilings throughout the whole plan minimum and normally you’re seeing eight-foot ceilings or nine-foot ceilings we we opted for 10-foot as we do on a lot of our ranches it really gives them a feeling of grandeur and space we added a fireplace to this model and it fits wonderfully in the corner of the house that’s actually a honed marble that we put on the face of the fireplace a very efficient appliance it’ll actually heat the whole main level of this house all right it’s probably 98% efficient it’s a direct vent gas unit.

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But it has a wonderful set of logs it’s a big firebox and a great flame pattern so it looks like a real fire always. But it’s also a great heater it’s a great focal point. But it’s good to have that efficiency as well right. And I noticed all the bank of wooden posts you have here plenty of natural light coming in you know all of our homes we unlike the track builders a lot of national builders we’re more custom.

So we’re really thinking about the quality and the in every aspect of the design, and we always have a lot of natural light so you’ll see abundance of windows in our homes and typically to the viewing areas where you’ve got great views to the outdoors all right. So we’re going into the kitchen here tell me about this kitchen. Because it’s got all the bells and whistles yeah this is a this is really a kitchen for somebody who cooks and entertains there’s lots of storage in the cabinetry we did 15 inch deep upper cabinets which is unique most you know the standard for upper cabinets is always a 12-inch depth and and as everybody knows it uses those cabinets you always have trouble even, if you’ve got glasses in there are plates they typically you’re always having trouble closing the door right enough in the cabinet. So we did 15-inch in all the uppers here so it gives you a much extra depth for those plates and platters and the other wall we did double ovens so you’ve got two convection ovens that are built-in as well as a wine storage wine cooler.

So that somebody’s wine collection can be right in the entertainment space we did a Big Island, and we did a waterfall edge on this on which again winds itself to a more contemporary feel where the court stops come all the way to the floor on the ends of the cabinets this is Silestone Silestone is a quartz product quartz is a harder material than granite you never have to seal it more stain resistant granite so it’s just a superb material to use for a kitchen countertop, and we did a microwave that’s built in to the island as well and that’s a drawer type microwave just operates by a push-button feature much easier much more convenient, if someone has some health issues and they can’t reach up high this is a great application we can do that and a lot of them has put the microwave in the island or in the lower bank of cabinets again we have we have quite a variety of cabinets and features in this particular home lots of storage in our pantries we did roll out trays which people love all of our drawer boxes are full extension so they open 100% of the way you don’t have to you know, if the reach to get to the back of the drawers or the trace so great for grete for canned goods cereal small appliances all the cabinetry in this house we did a soft close solid wood drawer box dovetail and all the doors and drawers ours have the new soft close feature which the consumer really loves all right so moving on from the kitchen we have just off the kitchen actually is a mudroom this is a mudroom drop zone so in this particular area we have a they have nice cabinetry that you first come in from the garage that allows you to touch your cell phone down charge your phones leave your keys anything that you might want to take every time you come and go from the household we also have a great powder room right off of the off the garage which is great, if you’re working outside or you’ve got guests and you’re entertaining they come in here they don’t have to use the guest bathroom it’s a very functional space I love this actually you don’t have to walk through the laundry room on the end of the house it’s it’s a little more formal and. But, if you’ve got a place where you can drop your shoes, and we get a great porcelain tile on the floor so it’s weatherproof you look kind of worried about dating or scratching they’re doing the tile, if you press gravel other substance on your shoes we used hard surface through the whole house except for the bedrooms, and we just put carpet in those bedrooms. Because a lot of people like a little warmer substance and more cushiony it’s much softer the carpets we used in this house are all by mohawk the fiber it’s called smartstrand silk so means that it’s ultra soft you know you could touch this product in it it feels good to the touch it’s got a great hand the other thing about this fiber is it’s stain proof put a lifetime warranty on stain. So you could drop with wine on the carpet you could dump coca-cola on the carpet fingernail polish and a week later you can take it out with water really doesn’t soak in or then soak into the fibers so it’s it’s a phenomenal product and it’s also and has their pet all pet warranty which means you won’t stain it with any issues neither so it’s a fantastic company.

So you avoid stains and all that. But also the odor to write the order to and the master bath that closes right off the master bedroom we did a free-standing soaking tub a free-standing there’s are getting extremely popular that is that’s the look that we sell the most into the remodel so they won’t go on existing bathrooms people want to get rid of that corner Jacuzzi whirlpool tech tub they never use and they want a deeper freestanding more modern-looking soaking tub. So we did that here we also did a great walk-in shower and a clear glass shower enclosure all of our shower enclosures that we sell we always have an h2 off coating on the inside of the glass that prevents the glass from getting streaked and water marked so the water does beads off the glass it’s an industrial coating that should last forever we also use a great porcelain tile on here this is a tile we import from Spain the best porcelains in the world are made in Spain in Italy and again it’s a larger format tile we did 24 by 24 inch on the floor and then we did 12 by 24 is on all the walls we did some LED under counter undertow space lightning here it’s a nice feature you could easily leave that on at night as a nightlight you know it uses almost zero energy in it stuff and then the opposite side of the home from from the master suite again it’s totally at the other end of the home so it creates great privacy for the owners and their guests or adult children or older children we get two additional bedrooms and in a private guest bath here as well before we hit downstairs let me show you the deck that we get off of off of the kitchen and breakfast area no maintenance proposition we use hidden fasteners. So you don’t see any screws through the surface of the wood at all so unlike the treated decks that everybody’s accustomed to this is a lifetime deck and then we do a powder coated aluminum handrail.

But it’s very sturdy very strong on the exterior of all of our homes the one thing we did is we we used hearty citing James by James Hardy company and it’s a it’s really a cement product so it’s unlike cedar you’ll never a chip crack warp or peel and it’ll last a little last forever yeah in the basement you see we got a lot of windows we got lots of natural light we did four-foot tall windows all around the back in the side of the basement and what about these floors flooring that we used here is a great product this is tile and it looks like hardwood and in this case we did three different widths there’s a three-inch of five inch and a seven inch width it’s actually waterproof. So you never have to worry about maintenance and it’s a lifetime residential warranty so it’ll you’ll never wear it out it’ll be a floor that you’ll have here forever and would like to invite anybody out to see this beautiful model it’s at its at a Thousand Oaks subdivision and then within a five or ten mile radius you can two or four of our lanch models that we have running some decremented out here’s we’d love that you take a look okay so that’s it for today’s tour hope you enjoyed it and it was really nice that Kim was able to take us through the home I hope you got more out of it that way Thousand Oaks is the community Spring Grove Illinois KLM builders I’ll put a link below. So you can check out more about it I’ll see you next to work.

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