Hey guys welcome that’s not how we start our posts hi guys my name is Abby and we’re the star girls and today we have a really exciting post to show you we created this insane shelf behind us that literally house all of our DIY supplies I’m afraid this might be more exciting for us guys they’ll be like oh my god these nerd these DIY and theirs anyways so we’ve done a DIY supplies organization post before.

But that’s, when our craft supplies fit in a cupboard like it was so small our family has since grown to amount to a ton of di supplies it’s crazy. So we needed a much bigger space to go in and now that we’re in our new office we have the space and like the ability to make this huge shelf we’re so excited to share it with you guys and, if you guys have ever watched Casey Neistat slog he has this insane office that is like goals to us. Because it’s got everything you could ever need like we’ve got DMR supplies he’s got DIY supplies and post gear and all the things one could ever want yeah I’m in his philosophy that we really love is that everything has a space it’s time efficient you know where it is and it saves you time and you wouldn’t even believe how much time we’re wasting before like digging through boxes and being like where is that one thing that we need for this post it was crazy alright so here are some tips and pointers and how to make your own craft shelf our first step is to get five pizzas shot plywood plywood we got rough on both sides spruce plywood okay. So we’re now cut in giant one strip board that allows five cab and we’re going to use those to build pretty much the whole shop so building cabinets is really hard it takes a team of people and rich I can configure it is mighty lost the magic tape tell the camera what your job is puffy I’m Flynn’s provider these guys like have it on lock we’re not going to mess with like a situation that works pre-drilled holes and then put in the screws that doesn’t put the plywood so you’re making sure they’re putting the right pieces in the right places right yeah and we’re on the fourth piece.


And I already messed up my job which is why it’s a my job it wasn’t really anybody Austin you want a blowjob is today I’m supervising government supervisory safety glasses on the bad answer say that you’re cutting all the wood I was cutting all the wood yo starting to actually look like a shell okay we’re done most of it again I still have to work on a like wardrobe cabinet side everyone add doors on to hopefully that work so without our team here. But we’re going to stand up the shelf and hopefully it’ll work so it doesn’t fall over hopefully yeah oh my goodness you guys that’s really cool you guys it’s kind of wobbly. But it’s really cool so Abby. And I are now left by ourselves to assemble the cabinet and Ammar show it’s not a problem we got this ooh damn cover rackety got a cabinet why would you hide bodies in here oh we’re touching this too like our other cabinet, if you didn’t well that’s good yeah it’s your local set all right guys.

So we’re installing the pegboard is going to go behind our shelf, and we might cut to this stare effect to work putting it up first tracing out where we need to cut it and then taking it down well then we could Bunz not go. So we good guys it’s done finally the massive shelf has been constructed this brooch what it looks like is just a bunch of cubicles pegboard and then cover it for camera gear yes and you guys have seen us build this over probably like five or so days. But today we’re like we have is done. Because there’s a mess in that corner I need to get up on a shelf.

So we can actually use our office and not just be like tripping over each other and like full bottles so I’m gonna do now get stack the chef alright guys you seen us build this thing you seen us stock it now we are going to give you a tour of what’s actually in our shelves. Because this is also a like tour of our craft supplies and showing your copy sorted. Because I might be useful, if you have a huge iron craft supplies like we do. But the first step is to label everything grazie so to start off our shelf tour we’re going to start with this pegboard that we installed and you saw cut it painfully and basically just have all of our tools here you don’t feel like how many tools have holes in them until you get a pegboard and you start to go put them up and you’re like this paper to the hole this ruler has a hole it’s amazing we also just added some doors to this cubby.

Because we realized it was starting to look a little messy. Because this is going to be our like office space we have some files here that’s just extra storage of that. But it’s gonna be may put shelves and hearing stuff. So that it’s all of our office supplies and paperwork and boring stuff like that next we have our Wi-Fi and we’re actually really smart, when we built this.

Because we saw that there’s a little Ethernet jack here whatever you want to call it. So we actually made this box purposely for the Wi-Fi. So we also have had five of these bins at the thrift store for five dollars which was amazing, and we made them into big bins of stuff that we can’t fit on shelves so this is all fabric this guy is costume accessories here we have some full costumes that we made and this is foam and stuff this is where we’re putting our silhouettes and accessories it’s basically an electronic cutter really cool literally no explanation needed obviously we enjoy listening to music while we work so this is where we put our speakers and the printer and Wi-Fi and basically anything that needs power gets plugged in right here which is really handy on this shelf we have a whole inch of writing utensils including markers chalk and cuts and this shelf has our iron and just a little pot of extra candles. Because they have to go somewhere this shelf is full of our little decoration pieces such as bells some glitter and a whole bunch of rhinestones and stuff like that this has all of our sewing stuff like our sewing kit and a little thing of pins and of course it wouldn’t be complete without the sewing machine right beside it with a shelf perfectly designed for it this little white box houses all of our messy wire this shelves got all the necessary accessories for painting such as sponges like a paint suit and an extra box of concrete this is all of our paint and paint brushes these are our cans of spray paint with room to grow and our ip2 over that lid one this is string rope yarn and ribbon here there’s all our rolls of paper our shelf liner contact paper and and vinyl this guy’s got all of our paper, and we actually have a little sneaky paper organizer in there that keeps it all upright.

But you can’t really see it, when it’s full here’s all our glue and this little moose jar is a DIY here’s all of our small hardware like nails and screws and these are little organizers we were about to spend $40 on Amazon on a special organizer. But we got all these from a dollar store way better deal this shelf has everything needed for staining and sanding like sandpaper the power sander and all of our stains this is mostly power tools we’ve got drills a jigsaw anything special in there like the leather stamp and all of our drill bit and lastly guys you have this wardrobe that we built on the end it helps us pretty much all of our camera equipment so in the Shelf here we have some of our lenses this guy has our task cam which we use to report audio down here is where you would find our camera as well as our post camera. But we’re obviously seeing it right now down here Beck. And I thought we were the biggest geniuses ever by putting a power bar where we can plug in our batteries we actually weren’t even have a backing to this closet.

But have this leftover pegboard, and we thought it would be much sturdier and useful, if we use it as the backing so on our pegboard we have just a card reader up here this is a great card which we use to get the right white balance for our camera some gels to go on our lights here we just have like a USB cord some extension cords and the white that’s snuck in here here is a bag of bags essentially all of our camera bags and everything are just in here, when we need to take a shoot to go then we just added a little piece of elastic here to hold in some of our bigger items that can’t fit in any of shelves and then of course we have a couple tripod. Because you need those and, if you guys want to know more about all of our equipment and stuff we use and how to use it we do have a post on how we post our posts which you can check out here and lastly we have our broom come in here you would just needed somewhere to put it and this is out of the way for Dennis father-in lastly up top here we have our decorative shelf we have some books of vintage post reel we found this guy is DIY and so is this little concrete plant with our dried palm leaf alright guys I hope you enjoyed that journey from pile of wood to insane grass Joe I certainly feel a lot better I can breathe easier now knowing that everything is just like in a place and it’s all good to go, if everything’s happy I feel like weird we’re not paying attention to our glue before. But now everything is laid out and not only that we just have a really cool-looking office now which is like the best so people come over they’re like wow your office is like super fun super legit like really cool super efficient super efficient they love it so speaking of our new office like we said we haven’t in offices you haven’t seen it where have you been. But a lot of you even requested to see a tour of the office and that is coming shortly it’s coming as you know like whenever somebody moves into like an apartment or whatever they’re always like you need to get things in order like this is task number one actually table with task number one you guys already saw that task number two and then couch was number three and we’re still on like four five six seven eight nine and just claimer so, if you guys can find this post like super instructional like our other DIYs our.

But this shelf which is super customized to us, and we like although we had a plan we did kind of make up measurements as we went and kind of move shelves around so it would just kind of be insane for us to give you guys the blueprint for this. But hopefully all the tips we gave you allows you to make your own blueprint and kind of design, if you did want to make a shelf similar to this they had smaller eyes, if you were playing to make something identical to this anyways nobody has the exact same like supply Zsuzsa yeah. But that’s we use in the supplies we use our kind of more Universal so, if you did want to build some sort of shelf of some sort hopefully this helped you yay you guys so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub and we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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