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Finally, the issue of harsh lighting from spotlights has been addressed. Original BTC’s ‘Sopra’shades can be slotted on to normal ceiling fittings, giving them a glow that is more soft and diffused. They’re made from bona china and come in smooth, striped or quiltedfinishes. Available January 2018, £139 each (originalbtc. com). £ Michael Anastassiades, design I am really interested in lighting that remains discreet and unnoticed inside the home. Lights whose beauty you only fully appreciate when you see them a second time.


A swooping flock of LED -lit glass droplets, Ochre’s ‘Moonlight Murmuration’ lighting installation is named after the fluid dancing groups of starlings which perform in the skies at this time of year. From £10,680 for 20 drops (ochre.net).

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‘I wanted to design my own idea of a perfect light,’ says Mishel Michael, founder and head of design at Los Angeles-based manufacturer Wired Custom Lighting. Having begun his career in 1983 with the launch of a hospitality lighting firm whose creations hung in illustrious venues from South Africa’s Sun City to the VIP lounges of the Las Vegas Strip, it comes as little surprise to hear that his idea of perfection is all about glamour.

Despite Michael’s many years in the business, it wasn’t until 2001 that he created Wired Custom Lighting. It was, of course, a success, and thanks to a fan base of celebrity designers, Wired’s lighting ranges and bespoke designs

Thanks to its celebrity fans, the brand’s designs can be found in high-end residences, villas, palaces and boutiques were soon to be found in a host of high-end residences, villas, palaces and boutiques. Though the company originally gained popularity for its exquisite work with Italian glass (as seen on the ‘Montreal’ light, below), more recent designs, including the new ‘Petra’ collection (top) and ‘Machine’ pendant (far right) incorporate different types of natural rock crystal.

The brand’s original West Hollywood flagship store opened in 2003, and since then, the company has developed a wealth of international showrooms, including one in London’s Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour as well as stockists across the US, Dubai, Shanghai and Moscow (wired-designs.com).

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