Outdated Pink Bathroom Gets a Complete Makeover

We reached out to KLM for our bathroom remodeling they came in and gave us an idea we looked around for all our accents and the toilet tub shower we just couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out the prior bathroom was from the 60s it was all pink the pink tub the pink toilet the vanity with pink top we were ready to to change it out and get into the 21st century the shower was I believe less than 30 inches square so.

Outdated Pink Bathroom Gets a Complete Makeover Photo Gallery

And I’m a little person. But I i really had trouble with elbow room that they came in and they gave us an idea of bumping it out the tub was in an alcove tub and they took one of the walls down to 42 inches and it really opened up the whole the whole bathroom the shower door was just one of the the old-fashioned just really hard to open and close there was no light above the shower so it was really you felt like you were almost in a cave we didn’t have any any ventilation there was no vent or fan getting you know the fan is a real just it’s wonderful to have all been humidity be taken out calum did a fantastic job with the entire project Bruce was a project manager and he paid such attention to detail I love my bathroom we love walking in there and just standing there and looking around it’s it’s just it’s fun and wonderful we’re glad we did it you.

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