Outdoor deck designs small yard

The creature comforts A roof garden has to provide for some of the creature comforts ” and basic amenities ” if it is to be used frequently. Shade is an important element. You need to consider weight, stability and whether the shade system, be it a retractable awning, gazebo or a pergola, can tolerate the often punishing weather conditions you find on a roof. When choosing furniture and decorative elements such as pots, artworks and water features, Outdoor deck designs small yard again you have to get the right balance between weight (as in not too heavy), structural soundness and ability to cope with the climatic conditions. When it comes to planters, your choices are quite wide; you can even find planter boxes especially developed for rooftops which have in-built water reservoirs and an automatic watering system that is powered by solar panels. Don’t forget the lighting (for a touch of romance, add featured uplighting on selected plants), heating and a barbecue or outdoor kitchen if entertaining friends and family is on the agenda. If space, budget and inclination allow, you could also consider a spa or a lap pool.

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