Outdoor Design From New Orleans

Outdoor Design From New Orleans

Decorating with Paintings

Choosing artwork is tricky. It usually comes after a room or house is furnished. But I know many couples who buy art along with the rest of the furnishings as they go along. This makes sense. My friend Arthur who works in a gallery has a favorite shirt with the following saying, “Great art doesn’t have to match the sofa.” Ah, but a more important issue, does the sofa have to match the art?

Wall Colors to Display Art

Many readers ask if there’s a good color for painting walls, one that will enhance their artwork. White is always safe, but many decorators use dark colors like charcoal gray and hunter green. Right now there is a trend moving toward colors and away from beiges. Hunter green has become a decorator’s neutral as it dramatically offsets other colors, patterns, or designs.

Buying a Painting Can Lead to Trouble

Last year I fell madly in love with an artist’s work. The artist’s collages were being featured at a local gallery and were created with shades of white and pastel papers among other bits and pieces of interest. I’ve coveted her work ever since I first saw it. However, not until the collages were in my house did I fully appreciate the joy of living with and looking at them daily. When one acquires a piece of artwork it’s similar to bringing home a new baby. Something special has been added to your household, but it also affects and changes the dynamics of your environment. It impacts the rest of the furnishings in the room as a baby impacts the other members of your family. So bringing these four related pieces into my home has presented interesting challenges, beginning with the monumental decision of where to hang them.

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