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Wired for sound As is the case with outdoor televisions, it’s essential to choose speakers specifically manufactured lor outdoor use. Outdoor designs fairfield ct They need to be weather resistant and able to stand up to harsh climatic conditions. There are four major options when it comes to outdoor speakers: wall-mounted, in ceiling, rock style ones placed in the garden (that look like actual rocks) or landscape speakers (which look like outdoor light fittings). Sophisticated sound systems can be created with separate zones so that those lounging in the poo! can listen to different music than the people sitting around the barbecue area. Remember that outdoor spaces present a different listening environment to a typical room indoors. Inside, walls reinforce low-frequency response and reflect and contain sound. Outside, however, it’s wide open so sound escapes ” plus there’s lots of background noise such as traffic, barking dogs, wind, neighbours and insects look and feel of entertaining areas. “LED lighting has created a huge change in outdoor lighting in the last five years,” he says. “It’s used for a wider variety of applications and is very inexpensive to install and run.” There are many different types of lighting to make your outdoor living areas sparkle ” from under-bench strip LED lighting and uplighting on feature plants, to stylish path lighting that leads the way for guests to explore your garden. Lighting is also one of the most cost-effective ways to create instant atmosphere, whether it’s a chic table lamp to create intimacy or a preloved glass chandelier for a touch of class.

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