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Intensive green roofs Intensive green roofs are often accessible and are characterised by deeper soil, greater weight, higher capital costs, Outdoor designs waterproof gloves increased plant diversity and increased maintenance requirements. “The growing medium ranges in depth from 300mm upwards. Due to the increased soil depth, the plant selection can be more diverse and can include trees and shrubs, which allows for the development of a more complex ecosystem,” says Sidonie. Maintenance needs, especially watering, are more demanding and to get it right, you really need structural and horticultural consultation and an experienced installer. Whatever type you choose, get it right and it will be an investment in the sustainability of your home ” and it will give you (and your neighbours) something beautiful to look at. entanglements metal garden art garden sculptures outdoor wall art privacy screens backyard furniture fire pits + burners pergola designs letter boxes 342 Jasper Road, Ormond VIC 3204 I Ph: 1300 886 811 I sales@entanglements.com.au I www.entanglements.com.au

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