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Space is no barrier You don’t need a large space to tune into nature or establish an outdoor living zone, says Daniel Baffsky from 360 Degrees. He’s designed and created rooftop gardens that span 3000sqm and others that measure a mere 20sqm. “Rooftop gardens give you a sense of immersion in the landscape ” being surrounded by green gives you that restorative and therapeutic feeling ” as a counterpoint to the urban environments we live in,” he says. Environmentally-aware landscape designers and home builders eagerly extol the benefits of greening our rooftops and for good reason. Outdoor designs Sidonie Carpenter from Green Canopy Design, who is also the past president of Green Roofs Australasia, says planting out rooftop gardens has a great many benefits, producing purer, cleaner air and helping to retain and manage stormwater run-off. A rooftop space with all the creature comforts, such as heating and a television “They also allow urban dwellers opportunities to reduce food miles and their carbon footprint by growing their own food,” she says. “If you opt for a green rooftop (which is a fully planted-out space), you can also modify rooftop temperatures. The thermal blanketing effect of green roofs can reduce your heating and cooling costs, saving energy.”

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