Outdoor Doors Designs

Outdoor Doors Designs

Alternatively, strip off the old paint completely using a chemical paint stripper suitable for metal, and wire wool. A hot-air gun is of no use when stripping paint off metal, as the heat is absorbed by the metal, and the result is to bake the paint on heat deflectors which allow paint to be stripped near glass. When it is fitted with an attachment shaped to channel the heat away from the panes, it is an ideal tool for stripping paint from glazing bars of windows. Never pass your hand in front of a hot-air gun to test how hot it is, as it will burn.

• Shavehook a triangular tool for scraping narrow surfaces. The type with curved edges is designed to be used on the curved profiles of mouldings and glazing bars.

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• Chemical paint stripper powerful paint strippers can be used for removing paint. Special strippers are available for stripping paint off metal windows. Use these with wire wool. Whatever type of chemical paint stripper you use, whether a paste or a liquid, always protect eyes and hands. Cover arms and legs, however warm the weather, and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe storage and disposal of chemicals.

• Rust killer preparations can be painted onto metal windows and doors where rust has pitted the metal. Clean the areas to be treated of all rust and paint on the solution. Fill the crevices with metal filler to create a smooth surface before painting.

• Filler often necessary when renovating wood or metal to repair damaged surfaces. It is normally applied after the priming stage. Use the right sort of filler for the material you are working on. If mixing a filler up yourself, rather than using a ready-mixed type, be sure to add thinner in exactly the correct proportions, as directed by the manufacturer.

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