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Expert tips “Rooftops are very sunny and extremely windy. Pale hardscape elements (which include such things as paving and walling) will be glary. Also avoid tall, top-heavy plants and planters which might blow over,” says Catherine Stewart, author of award-winning gardening blog, GardenDrum. Outdoor living designs USA A few wind break screens or plantings will make your roof a much nicer place to be and will frame the views, while also giving you more privacy. Some shade and sense of overhead coverage from a small gazebo or tree will make your rooftop feel more comfortable,” she adds. White Catherine advises avoiding heavy pavers end planters, she says you also need to steer clear of elements that are too light less they topple over or, worse, tumble oil the roof “Avoid very fine gravels and mulches, small pots, shade sails, umbrellas and aluminium and plastic furniture. Secure lightweight screens in a strong frame and bolt down any structures,” she suggests garden, secret Gardens its that would thrive in »sed, windy conditions. No matter what you decide to plant, regular maintenance is critical, adds Sidonie. “Large weeds can create issues with waterproofing or getting into gutters. We have so many bird- and wind-borne weed species that are invasive, including umbrella trees, fig trees and ficus so you need regular once-a-month maintenance,” she says.

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