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The practicalities “No matter what type of roof garden you’d like, before you begin you’ll need to think about your roof’s load-bearing capacity, Outdoor living designs the integrity of your roof’s waterproofing membrane, existing drainage and water supply,” says Matthew. Depending on the scope of your project, you may also need to have a preliminary discussion with an engineer to ensure your roofing structure can support the weight of the growing medium (your soil), the mature size and weight of the plants, and any additional things you’d like to add, such as furniture, shade structures or an outdoor kitchen. You’ll also need to check that the waterproofing membrane of your roof is intact before you begin (there are products on the market that help you to check this). Access, for both construction and maintenance, is another issue and you need to get the relevant permissions. If you’re living in an apartment, Body Corporate approval will be required and council approval may also be required for larger-scale works.

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