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BUILT-IN OR MODULAR: There are many module-based systems on the market which ate cost-efficient and look fabulous. Outdoor umbrella designs “However,” adds Andfea, “if you’re aiming lor a customised space it can pay to engage a builder who will design and construct an appropriate outdoor kitchen.” store cool drinks in, sinks, dishwashers which allow you to clean up and stay in the entertaining area, teppanyaki-style barbecues to add a fun element, and also pizza ovens for cooks who like to offer a variety of fare,” says Michael. The barbecue is at the heart of the kitchen and todays barbecues let the backyard chef serve up restaurant quality food outdoors. Says John McGran from Lifestyle Barbecues: “There is almost nothing you can’t cook. With the hood up you’ve got your open fire plate and grill cooking for snags, steaks and hamburgers; when the hood’s down it’s an oven, so you can cook pizzas, cakes, lasagne, pancakes for breakfast on Sunday, even a butterflied lamb on a rotisserie. Basically, anything you can cook in your kitchen you can cook on the barbecue.”

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