Happy new year so in 2018 we thought you’d bring you a post without kids like huffing and puffing right now, if you don’t know parley is our pet hedgehog he’s an African pygmy hedgehog and he’s about oh my god today’s the night right yeah so this birthday five months old today happy birthday so thanks to all you guys who requested this post all of these people lovey-lovey viewers mm-hmm yes so we’ll introduce you to Harley Harley loves to do things like go through the Ring how’d he go through the ring so his ring what see the ring yeah you taught him a real great trick Abby oh yeah yes okay he likes to play tank he’s quite a boy military Hartley playing his toilet paper tube he loves Guam Facebook like all of us he’s just a regular old guy so let’s talk about owning a hedgehog we’re going to tell you some facts and stuff you should probably know before you get yourself a dog some myths to things that we didn’t know yeah. Because there’s a lot of things we heard that turned out to be not true we’re gonna start off with some things that are true about owning a hedgehog one true thing is that they make these weird happy sounds on this heist um and that’s just. Because it’s like cats kiss and everything and like dogs like barks angry at people they, when they’re scared Paul and goes it’s like his self-defense noise yeah so another thing that is very true is they need to be warm and, when I first heard this I was like well obviously all animals need to be warm.


But like they really need to be warm. Because we live in a basement apartment so sometimes it gets a little bit cold and, when it starts to get cool it becomes like antisocial and just wants to sleep all the time, when it’s warmer he’s really happy and runs around, if keep your house around 25 cm and he is happy or just put it in like the hottest room in your house some rooms are hotter than cold mm-hmm another truth about hedgehogs is although they’re super spiky they’re not related to porcupines at all and they’re also not related to like rodents like cancers or journals um they’re actually part of the shrew family so like Wilson something like today oh my god he always digs like even like right back this egg is digging next one is funny you think that they would eat some kind of weird food like bug them. But they like to eat cat food they actually do sell Hedgehog food. But it’s like five times the price and it’s not even really good for them just feed them bill Kevin these are some of the lies that people told us so the first one is that she’ll respond to his name I don’t know, if some of you have some miracle genius hedgehogs huh ours is a normal Hedgehog and I’ve had my sister Anna Jong too and they don’t really respond to their name like Sid Harle Charlie like they’re cute.

But I just think you’re not listening yeah or they think they’re too good for us okay so another lie, when I was researching about hedgehogs to find out how long they lived this one website said that hedgehogs can live up to 20 years I actually don’t have proof since my child is still alive he’ll given it on years so I’m not sure. But a lot of other people said the average is what four to seven years yeah around there so it’s a little bit longer than like a rodent. But don’t compare it to a road it’s one of them biggest lies that we got honestly they said they would eat any fruit vegetable baby like all these websites and breeders and everything. And I thought just our Hedgehog was picky.

But my sister’s Hedgehog doesn’t eat it unnie I think either we’ve tried giving him like carrots and potatoes everyone powder oh my god everything eggs turkey chicken you touch it you mallet and luckily we made mealworms yeah even bugs what you think great so they don’t really eat anything you just like since plain old cat food yeah so then there’s a couple things that we just didn’t know about unknown told us, when you’re getting on a jog the first one would be um we heard that you can littering them which is true. Because we got um Harley to use a little like cat litter trained boxer through a small one. And I guess in real life they like to poop on the runs they don’t leave their scent where they’re living yeah so they’ll poop there and keep going. Because it’s the foxes like my small Hedgehog poop so apparently, if you buy your Hedgehog, if you bite your head taco wheel it doesn’t matter, if you later train them or not they’re just gonna use the wheel with dead oh yeah something I didn’t know the other thing you weren’t told maybe we didn’t search hard enough.

But that hedgehogs are nocturnal which means they like to play and be up at nighttime yeah, if you’re not playing with him he’ll sleep and then the middle of night here trying to sleep he’ll be running on a wheel and making noise yeah they’re not really a cuddly animal, if you want a cuddly animal go we’re going to get yourself a kitten either way though despite all those things he’s still the cutest thing ever yeah okay that’s it new posts whenever we want bye guys bye you.

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