Hi guys so, if you came to this post then that probably means that you’re thinking about getting a hedgehog or you just want to learn more about them. So we are a DIY rs here on .

But we also happen to have a pet hedgehog which any of you have noticed this is Harley our pet head dog who at the moments a little grumpy yep we’ve done lots of posts with him, and we just want to let you guys know more about owning a pet hedgehog, if you’re thinking about getting one just. So that you can know that it’s the perfect fit for you, and we did an earlier took about a year ago, when he got him a fax that Hedgehog. But I think now after a year going, when we can safely say that we know what it’s like yep so, if you’ve seen the hedgehogs around the internet then you’re probably seeing an African pygmy hedgehog. Because that’s like the small one does its small cute one that you can own as a pet Harley here is about a year and a half old and he is full size so hedgehogs their lifespan is a minimum around 3.


5 years – all the way up to nine. But usually they’re between four to six years of age obviously you can’t vouch for this ourselves. But you owe me good year old yeah. But um just ya note that that’s what you’re getting into, when you buy one yeah and in the description below and we’ll list the websites that we get our information from as well as obviously just our experience.

But the other information where you can read up on more of this yeah and hedgehogs are nocturnal. So you might have not known this from all the cute pictures of them out in the daylight playing around. But they actually are nocturnal so right now, when you wake them up they’re kind of like I just want to sleep sometimes we have tried and we’ve heard that it’s like kind of possible to make them non nocturnal like leave the lights on during the day or at night or whatever makes sense yeah umm like play with them during the day so they’re tired at night no matter what we’ve tried he just wants to be awake at night incident during the it’s just how they’re born and the way that they’re naturally supposed to be. So I bet you guys are wondering about picking up a hedgehog like is it hard what does it feel like it is pretty quickly so they have a soft underbelly and it’s pretty much all furs really fluffy.

But, when you’re first trying to take them out of their cage, when they’re sleeping. Because like you said, if it’s during the daytime you’re going to be sleeping and pretty much every time you go to grab it it’s going to go into a ball just. Because it’s scared it’s like this mhm yeah so like this we’re not gonna lie to you it is pretty spiky yeah like I’m pretty soon right now. But it hurts it can hurt there’s indents all over my hands um like, if I was younger you know under the age of 12 he probably would really not enjoy it at all no.

But once they are like open and awake they’re closed, when they’re freaking out their clothes are like up. But the one that relaxed they’re lying down so it doesn’t they don’t spike you anymore yeah and you can hold it yeah like, when it’s walking around it’s close what kind of relaxed and it doesn’t hurt anymore so and you can always fold it from the belly like this so right now all his furs on my hands which is really soft and fluffy yeah so and they will sometimes bite, if you’re just holding it the wrong way, if you smell like food you know we’ve only had that happen you know a couple times in it yeah really doesn’t hurt no it’s kind of a shock like oh yeah oops I didn’t know that was going to happen they have very very tiny tiny teeth so really it’s not going to hurt. But I mean little kids again will enjoyed it yes their personality is really very. So you can have really grumpy hedgehogs and you can have really friendly hedgehog contrary to popular belief they’re actually not related to the porcupines at all they are part of the shrew family which is like things that like to dig in the ground and you’ll notice, if you have a hedgehog they love to dig in things and burrow all right so let’s talk about what you need to own a pet hedgehog your any a pretty large cage it’s going to be one of the larger cages that you buy at a pet store and it’s from two to four square feet and then you’re on make sure that cage has a full bottom not like a wire bottom or anything and people do use aquariums.

But you’re going to need such a big aquarium and you’re going to want to put things in it just a wire cage is better with like a plastic bucket kind of bottom they’re a lot easier to clean too than a glass aquarium yeah I feel yeah and then the other thing that’s really important is hedgehogs need exercise we bought this 12 inch wheel they need to be plastic bottom they can’t be the wire ones that hamsters use. Because their legs will slip through and then they’ll get stuck in it they’ll hurt their legs, if you’ve ever seen a picture the Hedgehog or the cast. But be holy with its row and other things that you’re going to want to put in the cage is like we said before they like to burrow hide under things so like some sort of little house or like plastic igloo thing for your Hedgehog to go in you can get like little tunnels or like half tunnels or we have this plastic green igloo I think that he loves to go under and sleep in yeah and then you’re going to need food and water obviously so for the food we have it in a little dish and you can also keep your water in a dish. But honestly they like to like kick around and burrow so much that you’re gonna get Jeff Gillenwater ones so it’s better to use one of the water bottle types like this with that you can just fill up, and we chose this nice glass one out of the plastic it has a little floating rubber duck in it, if you want that is.

So you can tell how full your water is yeah so, if you’re wondering what hedgehogs eat a wee fee and Harley cat food just regular cat food we’ve read that that’s what you’re supposed to feed them we’re not just being weird yeah there is Hedgehog food and it’s like kind of a debate people say hedgehog food isn’t actually good for them it’s just overpriced some people are swear by it oh no they’re kind of new and exotic so yeah we feed em regular cat food problem with it. So we suggest it’s the way to go and you’re also supposed to fulfill their diet with pretty much everything they eat like meats you know you can give them chicken boiled eggs like hard-boiled eggs for fruits vegetables we found that, if we give Harley that he won’t touch it at all like we’ve said temperament like it’s like we have tried to give him like almost everything for cooking something we’re like oh like give it a harlot a feel to try it. But like he won’t eat it. But we have other people say oh my gosh my Hedgehog loves watermelon yeah we love strawberry watermelons really popular.

So I would suggest like try it like try it go for it it’s beause you’re supposed to feed it to them. But like he literally won’t eat it and we’ll put in his cage and it just sits there and rots so just loves his cat food yeah you know it’s not really good both I don’t know what’s wrong shoot why don’t you got the food and you’re obviously going to need some bedding and there’s not too many rules here I’ve seen people use just like fabric as the bottom the blanket yeah like a blanket people put like quilt them and stuff. But you will have to wash it a lot so just remember that yeah. So we prefer we use care fresh this time just like this natural bedding.

But the only rule is you shouldn’t use cedar at all or any kind of wood chips is probably not a good idea. Because the like little sawdust well it creates a lot of death and it’s just not good for the respiratory system apparently yes and then you’re also going to want to have a toy from the for them so this can be any kind of like a rubber ball or anything. But the typical Hedgehog toy that you might have seen is the 12 paper tube so inexpensive any other head stuck in and it’s cute we don’t actually get stuck we’ve given him ping-pong balls – yeah likes those to push around yeah so a point we really want to make about the cage is how much your Hedgehog is going to use his wheel and how important it is to him or her so they really need their exercise just to stay healthy and shape I guess and they are nocturnal so they’re gonna run on it at night so, if you’re planning on keeping us in your room and your mom or dad says you can have a hedgehog resided in your room we would really not recommend this. Because even though we have the silent wheel it’s still really loud.

And I wear earplugs at night. Because he will keep me up, if I don’t I’m a pretty heavy sleeper. But sometimes I even hear him just running it’s just like the sound of like little feet on it you think it sounds cute. But after a while it can get like yeah there’s some you can’t like wake you up and it can keep you up, if you’re a light sleeper I would think about it so not only is he gonna run on it like constantly throughout the night he also poops, when he ran up so this is just natural they’re like wild hedgehogs just do it on the run so they don’t leave a scent where they’re like sleeping yeah um.

So you will find died after a week you’re clean spick-and-span Paige is gonna look like this and that’s the reality and it does start to smell so, if you don’t want to have to clean your Hedgehog cage like every three days or every week then maybe a hedgehog isn’t for you. Because you really need to have their real in there and that’s gonna happen there’s really not a way around it this is just like owning any pet you have to be like prepared to clean up after them yeah just know what’s gonna happen yes um so along with the whole pooping thing his feet are gonna get kind of poopy. So you are such a baby or Hedgehog every two weeks some people say every month it’s kind of up to you with just some lukewarm water and some animal soap as long as it doesn’t contain tea tree oil. Because that is a deadly like oil oil for a hedgehog so don’t put tea tree oil anywhere near the so just some of that and a toothbrush all too fresh and fiery can scratch up no please don’t and you can just like wipe his feet or her feet and kind of just like brush them with the warm water and then talk to soap afterwards yeah and then afterwards you just got to make sure that they are completely dry before you put them back in the cage just for health reasons so with this whole poop kind of thing clean a thing to note about the hedgehogs is that their feces can contain salmonella which, if you are exposed to it can make you really sick.

So you just have to really really careful and not so like really kiss your Hedgehog or like play with him and then eat food or don’t have your baby soon yeah so I’m gonna find just wash your hands after you’re done playing to it yeah fine yeah. But it is something to note and, if you have a really low low immune system or really small children in the house then you would probably not recommend it just for that fact so hedgehogs are a wild and willing to know this so obviously they’re not like born loving people and more play all the time so they do just naturally want to just like grow up in a ball and be by themselves so, if you play with them they become more used to you and they like know who you are they become friendlier. So we suggest, if you want to have your hedgehog play with you that you play with it every single day for at least 30 minutes so that’s like in the morning and in the night. Because we have noticed like the longer you play with him the more friendlier they become and then, if you kind of let them just be natural for a while and do their own thing then they kind of don’t want to play with ya are.

So we kind of think the formula is like, if you don’t play with it for a day then it’s going to take a day of you trying to warm up to him again so, if you don’t play with him for a week it’s gonna take a whole week of him you know kind of shutting you out and not in ignoring you like, if you want them as a really good pet like it’s a lot of work yeah a lot of dedication you have to be willing to put in the time to play with it yes and to get it to know you and like you so the big question I’m sure a lot of you have is kind of buy one where can i buy one and is it legal for me to have ones where I live there are a couple places that we know of in US and Canada where they are not legal so the last updated list that we read on one of the hedgehogs websites is that they are illegal in Maine Arizona California Georgia Hawaii and Pennsylvania as well as some other municipalities such as the five boroughs of New York and there are a couple other cities. So you should really read up on it yourself and even call your local yeah it actually is like animal solutions that you can your city I would just call it check yeah and on top of your head jogging okay taking away from you. But the other thing is that you probably won’t be able to buy it, if it’s, if they’re yeah they won’t be selling it in state or it shouldn’t she sell it and then state so it’s not legal yeah and you’re pretty safe and almost everywhere in Canada except where I believe Windsor Ontario and Surrey BC yes um so where you can get these hedgehogs we got ours from a breeder and on the websites below you can find breeder lists where they’re recommending recommended breeders and you can click on the websites and they’ll have all the images there and you can call and pick out your baby hedgehogs yeah that was really fun really yeah which one we wanted yeah and you can also buy them in pet stores. But this is the same debate as like with puppies and kittens like like everyone’s just concerned that pet stores aren’t you know like the nicest to their animals.

But that’s like your personal decision and, if you can’t find a breeder that might be your only option yep and hedgehogs they can go from anywhere from like $150 he found to 275 maybe even three Harley here was 175. But that’s also, when they were a little bit less popular. So we might have gotten up in price it all depends I would just try and do the search in an area we will hopefully help you with some links below yeah so overall I think we would say that hedgehogs are they’re a great pet they’re pretty fun and they’re obviously very cute. But they are a lot of work and they do require a lot of time and you have to be willing to put in hours and time at them and cleaning a plaything in a cage which is just kind of like every pet you have to be willing to take care of it yeah.

But, if you are willing to I think that they’re really cute, if you want to see more posts with Harley you can click here at the end of the post we have a whole playlist of posts that we’ve included him in mhm so, if there are any questions about hedgehogs that we did not answer in this post we suggest you check the links below or leave a comment in the comments and we’ll try to get back to as many of you as possible yep thanks so much for reading guys thank you guys.

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