Paint Ideas For Basement Walls

Paint Ideas For Basement Walls
Stamping, stencilling and gilding
Stamping is the ideal paint technique if you’re short of time – or skill. A repeat design, such as this simple pattern of hearts stamped onto a colourwashed wall, gives a dramatic effect, but takes only a matter of hours to carry out.
design onto an acetate sheet and cut out wi a sharp knife. Attach to the wall wii masking tape or spray adhesive.
Next, apply the colour. Whether you a using a stencil brush or a spray can, the seer is a light touch. With a spray can, waft quickly and gently over the surface, gradi ally building up the colour in subtle layers, using a stencil brush, rub it on a piece i paper towel until almost all the paint has bee removed from the head of the brush, the stipple or swirl it over the stencil. Remoi the stencil, reposition and repeat the procei
Few decorating projects are more satisfyir than working with gold leaf. However, tl expense of the material puts it far outside tl pocket of most amateur decorators. There no reason, though, why you should depri’ yourself of using lustrous metallic materia in small quantities, perhaps on a motif again
Compared to other paint effects, stamping really can be, quite literally, child’s play. Make your own stamps from medium to high-density foam in the same way as a child makes potato-cut stamps, drawing on a design and then cutting away the excess foam with a scalpel. Stick the sponge onto a piece of wood and attach a small door knob to the back of it to make application easier. If, however, you would rather buy a stamp, there are many outlets that now stock a wide range of designs made from rubber or foam, thus making them very hard-wearing.
Apply the paint either with a roller or by dipping the stamp into a plate containing a small amount of paint. Ensure in even coating and then set to work, taking your design across the whole wall.

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