Paint Ideas For Walls

Paint Ideas For Walls
Runs and drips
Possibly the most common problem, runs and drips are caused by loading too much paint onto the brush. Let the paint dry, rub the proud blobs gendy with fme-grade sandpaper, remove the dust created by the sandpaper and touch up with fresh paint.
Blistering is caused by air trapped beneath a cost of paint. It has to be stripped off and the surface repainted.
The only solution to an area that is flaking is to strip the area back to the original surface and begin again.
Drips can be corrected by rubbing them flat with sandpaper, cleaning off the dust and repainting.
Strong blocks of contrasting solid colour can work wonderfully if walls are in good condition and prepared thoroughly. When using strong colours, however, it is wise to create some kind of continuity. Here, the midnight blue dining room has a terracotta picture rail and yellow stained chairs to continue the scheme from the living room.
1 Crazing occurs when the top coat of paint reacts badly with the surface beneath. Strip off and repaint.

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