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Ask a builder or remodeler. Check out your neighbors’ choices. Look at products in the local lumberyard. And don’t forget: Resist the urge to go the cheap route. When the rains come on the coast, you need confidence in your investment. Removable storm windows are winter mainstays in the Northeast and Midwest, and I’ve never understood why the idea isn’t adapted in milder climates. They’re an easy and affordable way to transform screened porches into glassed-in sunrooms, so you can enjoy the space year-round. Storm sashes (aluminum-framed glass windows) are simple. There are no moving parts; it’s just a window that locks into a frame custom-made for the opening. Go for quality. Photos of living rooms Sure, you can get cheap storm sashes with flimsy hardware that may last several years inland. But when you’re building on the coast, never skimp on windows and doorsthey fill the most vulnerable openings in your dream house. Opt for solidly built frames, weather stripping, and sturdy aluminum hardware. The basic finish on storm sashes is unpainted aluminum. Many manufacturers also offer baked-on finishes that match house trim colors. Find out which brands work best in your area. Consider a quick change. Sheet metal companies will build storm sashes in any size. Just give them the dimensions and tell them whether you want the windows to fit within or outside of the exterior casings. If you’re designing a new porch, remember to make window openings a workable size.

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