Pictures Of A Living Room

Pictures Of A Living Room

Plug in a nightlight for safety and protect your family from falls.

The light bars in a bathroom are easy to switch out and a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade and modernize. (Make sure to turn off the electric before installing new lights, and read instructions carefully.) The same is true with sink fixtures, as there is nothing that dates a house more than old ratty faucets and tub spouts. The water shutoff valves are under the sink, making installation a breeze.

If you’re painting a bathroom be sure to use enamel or semi-gloss paint for easy wall-washing later on.

Hang inexpensive artwork to match your color scheme, but again, keep in mind the “wet” factor. Make sure the paintings are sealed tightly.

A swing arm mirror is easy to put up on the left side of your big bathroom mirror, and helps prevent the ‘hump’ hair look!!

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If you find mold growing anywhere in your bathroom, use a solution of V water and V bleach, let sit for a few minutes and wipe off. Repeat if needed. Re-grouting may be necessary.

Flooring in bathrooms should be durable and washable, but not slippery shiny tiles. If you like carpet in your bathroom, but you’re stuck with tiles, go with several plush throw rugs which are washable.

A chair by a bathroom vanity is pure luxury if you have the space.

Use over-the-door hooks for towels, bathrobes, or even hair ornaments. A secondhand dresser or table can double bathroom storage.

Plants love the humidity in the bathroom, and can even grow in low or no light situations. Try philodendron, dracaena or a snake plant.

Clear, plastic shoe boxes make under-sink storage a snap.

Try not to store medicines in the bathrooms, as the humidity can change the effectiveness of drugs. Instead, store them in a linen or bedroom closet.

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