Hey everyone my name is Abby and were the scigirls today we’re bringing you a bunch of candle themed DIYs oh this is exciting. Because we don’t really ever do candle DIY some of these are like inspired by yeah why ideas that you guys have sent in also just like problems candle problems that we’ve been having which maybe you guys have had too and we’re gonna solve those problems okay let’s get into the first DIY oh. But first you should comment yes thank you alright this year I was a direct press I think they slid into our insta DM, and we thought it was so cute I was maybe thinking about saving it for a wedding season.

But this could also be used for wedding season the two main things you leave for this DIY is a floral metal ring from the craft store and some sort of candle holder base we’re using one that we picked up from the thrift store using a hacksaw cut the candle holder plus wax collecting dish off of the rest of the candle holder we also use a chisel and some pliers to speed up this entire process our candle holder actually came apart into two pieces. But don’t worry we’ll reattach them again later alternatively to avoid this process you could check out the hardware store and pick up a copper and cap we found that this fit our candle base. But there isn’t anywhere to catch the wax just stick the base of the candle holder onto the ring we’re using this putty epoxy called steel stick this is great for bonding metal to metal mix the putty together until it’s a solid color and then stick the candle holder onto the ring make sure to wrap a putty around the bottom of the ring for a strong hold be able to reattach the top of our candle holder back to the bottom using that same putty let the putty fully harden we hung the candle holder inside of our spray paint tent to give it a coat of white spray paint primer followed by a coat of gold spray paint once I was all dry we wrapped the top in some gold wire. So that we could hang it make sure that you don’t use rope or anything from well for this.


Because it gets a little bit hot a pro tip is to drip wax into the bottom of the candle holder before adding it to your candle to help it stay in place honestly insanely proud without this turned out I was like huh how are you gonna make it this one did not cost that much at all and, if you already have a candleholder which I feel like a lot of people do like go in your mom’s basement eat one yeah not cute ones maybe just like the top. But oh my gosh I love how cute this was imagine for wedding decor and disclaim right here treat this like you would any other candle don’t leave it unattended make sure you wash it at all times it really shouldn’t have like any more of a chance like falling over the nun regular candle would. But of course be careful yeah I mean it’s suspended that’s like like, if it’s like windy or something you flame would go out don’t bring this outside that’s true so our next DIY is something that we thought would be this gorgeous amazing DIY that would look so expensive and cost almost nothing it did look expensive and cost not a lot. But it didn’t really work.

But I’m gonna show you what is. Because he was always asked for our fails we literally made like I can’t fire we test our DIYs yes bad girls not approved. So we wanted a round ceramic bowl for our face. But we couldn’t find one just right.

So we settled for this large mug we carefully broke the handle off and then sanded it smooth we painted the whole thing cold to make our mega candle we gathered a ton of different white candles we cut some of the bottoms for a more organic feel, when they were all piled together maybe where we went wrong yeah that’s definitely on the first of many times we then I’ll set some key lights on the stove at a low temperature creating enough wax to fill the bottom half inch at the bowl place the candle sticks into the bowl and let the melted wax harden to hold them all in place some of the candle sticks needed to be trimmed on an angle at the bottom to accommodate for the curve of the bowl once that was dry we thought we had created this beautiful masterpiece candle and this could have been a really nice centerpiece, if we had stopped here. So we let all of the candles and quickly found that the heat was too hot for the wax and even too hot for a smoke detector we then even came back and tried only lighting some of them like five of them and really people alternate me well like like these five don’t burn down like a lay different five and they’ll like burn down this will save it. But I here’s what happened so update on our DIY candle we lit only a couple wicks. But then they kind of joined forces with the unlit wicks got one solo boy over here going strong.

But then this little light can’t fire in the middle. But I mean looks cute kind of the idea was cute though although this was a really cool DIY in the beginning it wasn’t practical it didn’t burn right so maybe don’t try this at home major fire hazards although we are not quite giving up on this idea we’re like what, if the pillars were like you’re bigger maybe like, if some of them didn’t have wicks. Because I think part of the problem is that like the wicks even, when you didn’t like the other candles they were melted the wax and then it like ended up catching on fire, if you guys want to see us try and fix this and reattempt it, if you have an idea of how it actually would work let us know below lastly we have this hack that we personally needed I was like we can’t do a candle post without figuring this out, if you have candles that still have wax left in the bottom or they don’t burn properly anymore this is a hat we’re going to save those candles in the wax and create more candles. So we have these candles that we actually do I’d like about a year ago they’re like a soy wax would wick burning candle super cute.

But after a while they didn’t burn anymore like you would light it and then the oxygen or whatever it would just like go out. So we took these DIY candles we’re in DIY them again we use the spoon to scrape off the top layer of the wax that might have any black smoke mixed into it or any like chunky birth pieces and then we place the candle in a pot of hot water on a stove to melt the wax we were careful with this there’s definitely a possibility that it’ll like crack the glass we’ve read different things where you should like leave it in the water to like heat up with the water. So that it’s not a shock to the glass we did it where we placed the candle in after the water was already boiling and it didn’t crack. But just know that that is maybe a possibility and something to look out for for our new candle we’re using a wooden wick which makes a nice campfire sound as it burns we’ll link these below trim the wick to be flushed at the top of the candle holder and glue the base to the bottom center of the bowl once your old wax from the old candle has completely melted carefully pour it into your new candle on top of the candle we sprinkled in some lavender which looks beautiful once the candle has hardened, if you have leftover wax from your original candle let it settle and your old candle should still be useable as all the wax should be at an even level now we basically just turned like two unusable candles that no longer lit and would go out right away into three useable candles.

And I’m super happy about this. Because we don’t like wasting things they even like the three lick ones like there’s literally this much wax at the bottom and you can melt this I feel like this is a tip people know. But they don’t do it. But they don’t do it and also the wood wick thing is also a cool thing to note yeah eat that fiery like crackling oh no much yeah make your old candle even better alright I hope you guys liked today’s post I know we had a fail in there I feel like I’ve seen people commenting recently that either like your posts are all fails out I’m like no we’re just showing you like what happens.

Because I feel like you’ll learn from this. Because, if you thought that that DIY was a genius idea just like we did I was like this would be so cute like now you know don’t even try that. Because you’re gonna burn your house down thank you guys so much for reading, if you like this post make sure that you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you in the next yeah send STM’s of stuff you want us to make like anything I know we check them we check we check all the various places okay bye you.

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